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April 04, 2022

The flexible workforce of the future

The Flexible Workforce of the Future

Oliver Bengtsson

Senior Marketing Manager, Avaya Solutions Marketing

Work from Anywhere

Over the past couple of years, we’ve adapted and learned a lot along the way. We’ve faced a global health crisis head-on and hopefully become more resilient because of it. It has certainly had its impact on the world of work, and some changes, especially when it comes to where and how we work, are here to stay.

We’ve discovered that thousands of jobs can be done remotely. No more commutes, no more wasting time just for the sake of showing your face in a particular place. In many cases, we’ve become even more productive by stripping away the workplace environment and by working remotely to do our jobs. It’s truly been a time where technology and innovation have made a pivotal shift in work culture possible, that would have been unthinkable without it.

Remote Work and the Government

When we consider what types of organizations thrive on remote work we don’t always consider state and local government agencies at the top of that list. Would a department of motor vehicle licensing employee be able to effectively do their job from the comfort of their home office? Perhaps not. However, other government agencies have found that cloud communications have become imperative to getting their work done, especially as new variants of the virus sprang up and have the potential to do so again. 53.5% of respondents to a recent survey stated that they felt that they’d like to have a remote work environment for their employees. The potential to create a hybrid of work-from-home and occasional office visits has emerged as a viable option. Nevertheless – did you ever think that the government would allow or even encourage employees to work remotely? It’s truly an ever-changing world, particularly when it comes to rapid changes in work culture, productivity, and work/life balance – pandemic or not.

Evaluating UCaaS Solutions

The priorities for state and local government are changing – especially when it comes to UCaaS solutions for these agencies. Reliability, ease of use, security, cost, and ROI all factor in.  If government agencies are now shifting focus on having their employees work from home or work in a hybrid remote/in-office situation, they need to get on the same page with how they’re communicating between employees, and how employees are communicating with constituents. For a public-sector agency, that may mean continued flexibility of working arrangements. Likewise, for IT professionals – especially planners – it could mean that longer-term shifts are happening in team support, collaboration, and communication. It’s an exciting time to see what happens next. Case in point: 85% of employees surveyed said that now they prefer to work from home. These respondents were not working from home before the pandemic. 85%! That’s a whopping number and one that cannot be ignored when considering a shift in workplace culture and management.

How Avaya Can Help

Avaya Cloud Office can provide employees with remote, cloud-based solutions so that they can continue to work from anywhere, be happier, and be more productive. Reach out to Avaya to discuss how you can help guide your government agency towards a more efficient communications and collaboration solution.

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