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August 31, 2022

The Avaya Customer Experience Center: A Place to Reimagine the Future of Your Business

Avaya has always been an “experience company” – that is, focused on creating technology that delivers great experiences for our customers and our customers’ customers. However, the disruptions and rapid transformations that have occurred over the past couple of years, especially the shift to remote work models, have made it increasingly difficult for businesses using monolithic solutions to meet the needs of all their diverse constituents: customers, employees and partners.

Avaya Customer Experience Centers (CECs), located around the world, are one way Avaya is working to meet this challenge by showcasing how we bring together diverse partners and technologies to deliver experiences that truly matter for achieving the best possible business outcomes. The Customer Experience Center is a hands-on, immersive space where you can schedule briefings tailored to your vertical and personas. During a briefing, you’ll explore how you can leverage advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, facial recognition and more to create unique and enhanced experiences across multiple touchpoints.

Equally important, the Avaya CEC is where we listen and learn from you – your challenges, your needs, your goals and the impediments to achieving them. This is our commitment to our customers. We establish a true partnership that will enable you to continually adapt to changing needs, changing customers and changing technologies.

Here is one of the biggest challenges many of our customers have told us they are facing today.

Remote and Hybrid Work Has Changed Everything

We used to have different expectations for remote workers because they had limited tools and limited access to information. However, the pandemic completely changed how people work, communicate and collaborate across healthcare, banking, government, education, travel, hospitality and more. Today, as companies increasingly embrace remote and hybrid business models, remote workers need the same tools and access as office workers – and they need to be able to deliver the same experiences to customers, partners and fellow employees no matter where they are working.

Avaya has responded to this challenge by leveraging immersive technologies – many of which are based on no-code/low-code solutions – to increase technical flexibility and enable companies to compose new workflows and new experiences. However, this need goes beyond remote and hybrid work. The old, monolithic approach to business communications – voice-centric, with other forms of interaction tacked on – simply doesn’t work any longer, as it only delivers generic experiences to address high-level, horizontal use cases.

Instead, businesses need to deliver personalized experiences that target very specific, granular use cases. This requires a platform approach, and Avaya OneCloud offers the most comprehensive cloud-based communications and collaboration platform, including UCaaS (unified communications), CCaaS (contact center), CPaaS (communications platform) and Workstream Collaboration. All these solutions can work together as one, which enables you to imagine unlimited possibilities for how you interact with your constituencies – and then make those possibilities a reality faster and more easily than ever before.

The Customer Experience Center Makes It Real

This is where Avaya CECs come in. When you schedule a briefing, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with Avaya platform experts who can help you explore all the possibilities for solving your challenges and transforming your business with new communication models – including opportunities you haven’t yet imagined.

You’ll learn how Avaya OneCloud eliminates complexity around the underlying communications technology to enable highly scalable, intelligent and omni-channel self-service communications and collaboration.

You’ll see how businesses and the developers that support them can easily construct AI-based communication experiences with little to no coding, creating scenarios that reduce call volumes to live agents, decrease average call wait times, and increase agent productivity and efficiency – while still ensuring customers get the exact information they need faster.

You’ll get an introduction to how you or your integration partners can take advantage of Avaya’s Experience Builders program to create custom communications applications designed to accelerate your business and deliver customer and employee experiences that differentiate you from your competition.

And you’ll be able to tap into some great examples of how other companies have transformed their businesses using Avaya. Companies like a retail grocery chain with 1,000 stores – each with its own phone system from multiple vendors. By placing Avaya’s new AI-powered virtual agent in front of those stores, the chain reported a $3 million increase in productivity.

At Avaya CECs, we like to talk about “Cloud 3.0,” which is the ability to use a converged platform of multiple technologies as a toolkit to seamlessly compose personalized communication experiences.  By understanding all the tools in this toolkit and imagining all the possible ways to take advantage of them, you can position your organization to adapt, compete and thrive in the experience economy with the agility and scale you need for success.

I hope you’ll consider visiting us at an Avaya CEC and exploring all the ways you can reimagine your business.

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