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August 16, 2022

Six Reasons Why You Need Avaya Subscription

Six Reasons Why You Need Avaya OneCloud™ Subscription

Jabeen Manzoor

Solution Marketing Manager, Avaya Customer Experience Services (ACES)

For the past 20 years, the cloud has been a driving force in enterprise communications. The definition of cloud, however, varies among providers and businesses and continually evolves. Cloud is often perceived as superior for reasons that are not necessarily technical because it represents some very significant changes in how technology is sourced and consumed.

We view the cloud as a toolset that facilitates the evolving requirements of the experience economy. Avaya solutions are delivered via an organization’s choice of a private, public, or hybrid cloud model bringing unprecedented flexibility and other advantages to our customers.

Many Avaya customers have chosen to start their journey to the cloud by adding the new benefits and capabilities of cloud-delivered services with Avaya Subscription while maintaining their existing communications infrastructure. There are six primary reasons for this.

#1: It Simplifies Processes and Adds Flexibility

Select from carefully designed “meal combos” rather than an extensive a-la-carte menu.

Avaya Subscription significantly simplifies the communications purchase process. Buyers select from just a few packages thoughtfully designed to serve specific types of employee and customer service needs instead of having to understand and choose from an extensive buffet of different capabilities. Many organizations find that these packages provide them with more capabilities than they currently have, which means they receive additional value at no additional cost. In addition, a-la-carte options are available that can be added as needed to each bundle.

Instead of having to manage separate software licenses, support services, and upgrade entitlements—as well as having to constantly order new functionality (requiring design, quote, order, service enablement, and billing changes)—the subscription model offers organizations the simplicity of an all-inclusive single contract at a simplified monthly or annual price and includes rights to all of the latest software capabilities.

Avaya Subscription also provides increased flexibility by eliminating the long-term commitment of the traditional capital purchase and risks associated with making sure the solution works. With the subscription model, organizations have much shorter commitments, the freedom to experiment or pilot new technologies, and the ability to respond more quickly to changes in requirements.

#2: It Enables Scalability and Provides Cost Predictability

Subscribe to just-in-time communications capabilities.

With Avaya Subscription, organizations subscribe to what they need—not what they might predict that they may need. Our customers let Avaya take on the risk of scalability and have no responsibility other than to follow the very simple contract terms.

Subscription models also provide a business with predictable costs. And organizations don’t need to worry or plan for software updates; everything is taken care of at the right time and as needed.

#3: It Accelerates Your Business Goals

Subscription elevates the customer/vendor relationship into a business partnership.

Cloud and software subscription providers focus more on customer retention than providers that sell software as a one-time purchase. This is because they typically don’t make profits until months or years into the subscription and also are incentivized to help organizations use more capabilities and elevate their communications experiences.

Avaya Subscription customers enjoy a more rewarding relationship with us and ensure their communications services align more closely with their business objectives, thus enabling them to achieve their business goals continuously and more rapidly.

#4: It Reduces Your Risk

Change is inevitable, but your level of risk is optional.

Avaya Subscription allows organizations to respond to sudden and dramatic changes. We offer broad capabilities to adjust features, quantities, devices, and more over the subscription term.

Since subscription models are based on the incentive of driving adoption, the packages subscribed also usually map exactly to what is needed by users. This is not necessarily the case in traditional capital models, where the organization accepts all the risk by purchasing all the capabilities of a solution upfront.  

#5: It Delivers More Innovation and Capabilities

Give your teams what they need to compete!

We are committed to ensuring that our customers are continually moving forward. One of the biggest benefits of an Avaya Subscription is access to products and services many organizations aren’t currently using. IT staff is equipped with more tools to manage the organization’s diverse and ever-changing needs. Customer service staff have the latest technologies to drive higher levels of customer satisfaction. Human Resources can use communications technology and work-from-anywhere flexibility as a motivator for talent acquisition and retention. 

Avaya Subscription also removes a major barrier to experimentation or trying new approaches. Organizations are freed from traditional licensing and can leverage new capabilities such as self-service, automation, and conversational interfaces to unleash productivity and creativity while maintaining the highest levels of security to reduce potential threats.

With a subscription model, infrastructure improvements, innovation, and software upgrades are no longer tied to budgeting cycles. This enables you to innovate when you have a need, not just when you have the budget! 

The requirement to enable work-at-home employees and agents during the pandemic is a great example of this. Work-from-anywhere capabilities are embedded into Avaya Subscription. We also include outbound contact center solutions and advanced management packages in our subscription offering.

#6: It Provides Business Continuity

Security requires currency.

Avaya Subscription increases your business communications reliability and availability. Built-in software upgrades ensure that your capabilities are always current, whereas premises-based alternatives are often a version or more behind. Security patches are included in software updates; enforcing minimum/current releases along with security patches keep the organization’s data/information safe.

Responding quickly to a storm, earthquake, or pandemic by being able to work anywhere is another form of business continuity that is easily enabled by Avaya Subscription.

It’s Time to Move Your Organization to Avaya Subscription

Avaya customers that are not ready to move all of their communications systems to the cloud but would still like the benefits of paying only for the services they use, the flexibility to adapt as needed, and access to the cloud as a powerful toolset should consider joining the many organizations that have opted for Avaya Subscription. Talk to your Avaya representative today about Avaya’s programs to help you move forward in your cloud journey. Learn about our extremely attractive promotions designed for transitioning to Avaya Subscription.

We also provide trade-in and upgrade offers for existing customers to protect and extend the current investments in their Avaya communications infrastructure. Existing perpetual licenses can be traded in for credits and applied towards subscription payments. Additionally, customers can take advantage of Avaya’s Device as a Service program to upgrade their desktops with the award-winning line of Avaya devices—baking the cost into their monthly subscription payment.

It’s been said that businesses can be divided into three groups: those that make things happen, those that watch what happens, and those that wonder, “what happened?”  Make sure that your organization is among the first group. Innovate today. Discover Avaya’s Subscription model and learn how pay-as-you-go covers everything you need.

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