Managing Communications from Now to What’s Next

Work has entered a new normal of constant change. To adapt and succeed, you need to create a more digital workplace, where employees and customers stay securely connected, and where work can happen from anywhere. Avaya OneCloud Subscription delivers just that—plus the latest software and support—at a price point that lets you move forward right now.

Modernize Your Communications

Key Benefits

Achieve More

Achieve More

Access the entire Avaya Customer Service tool chest and Avaya Spaces cloud collaboration to meet your team and customer needs.

Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Avoid disruptions in your enterprise with always-available access to the most current collaboration software.

Get More Value

Get More Value

Pay for devices, software, and support in one place with monthly or annual payments. Get 20% stretch usage for free, plus discounts for trade-in on current licenses and Avaya IX Devices.

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Avaya OneCloud UCaaS

Give your employees a simple, transparent unified communications experience that works on any device.

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Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

Empower your agents to stay in sync and keep pace with customer expectations.

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Avaya Spaces

Get immersive team collaboration with HD video, task tracking, and more. Included with your subscription.

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Avaya Support Advantage Preferred

Access 24x7 technical support with alarm monitoring and proactive issue resolution. Included with your subscription.

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2020 STAR Award Winner for Avaya OneCloud Subscription

TSIA recognizes Avaya for our innovation in subscription offers. Avaya OneCloud Subscription gives every company a personalized cloud journey and an easy, cost-effective way to keep software current, get new features, and prevent downtime due to old technology.

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Avaya OneCloud Subscription

Enjoy the benefits of a subscription purchasing model for your on-premises Avaya communications systems.


Your Flexible Avaya Subscription


Prepare for New Realities with Avaya OneCloud Subscription

Why Subscription May Make Sense for Your Business


Why Subscription May Make Sense for Your Business

Avaya Subscription


Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

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