Deliver an Exceptional Patient Journey—From Routine Services to Urgent Care

Collaborate Effectively, Operate Securely—and Transform Your Patient Experience

  • Personalize an anytime, anywhere patient care journey. Connect every stage of the patient care cycle—from the first contact and treatment to discharge, follow-up and prevention—across all channels, resources and interaction points.
  • Use seamless, tailored, targeted communication and collaboration throughout the patient care journey. Reach the right resources regardless of location, mobilize patient care teams, facilitate and coordinate referrals, streamline and connect care processes.
  • Secure, connect, and manage medical IoT devices. Segment your network and isolate traffic, while managing huge numbers of medical devices on your network.
  • Sign up for our May 18 webinar on transforming the Patient Experience in the Digital Hospital. Real-life examples show how technology—like mobile, video, artificial intelligence, analytics, and self-service—delivers seamless and exceptional patient experiences.

Achieve Higher Quality Patient Outcomes

Access the right information to sustain relevant, timely communication throughout the care journey, which improves patient access to your services and expertise.

Deliver More Productive, Effective Care

Use resources and facilities more effectively. Connect the right resources quickly, minimize duplication, maximize automation. You’ll enable faster reaction times and better decision making.

Secure and Manage Your Healthcare IoT

Reduce security breaches, streamline network administration, and get new healthcare innovations up and running quickly and securely.

Customer Story
Geneva University Hospitals

“Parents and staff love Avaya Scopia® Video Conferencing. Mothers are able to see their baby on their preferred devices—laptops, tablets, smartphones—and access the video conference via a freely distributed client, reducing the worry and speeding up recovery.”


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Secure Your Healthcare IoT

How do you reduce the chance of a catastrophic security breach and stop hackers at dead ends? Create virtualized network segments that isolate users and medical devices from unauthorized access. Automate onboarding of new medical devices, with each device assigned security and flow parameters that dynamically follow the device wherever it is connected on your network. You’ll better manage your inventory of thousands of medical devices and maximize resources.

Go Mobile and Multi-channel

Mobile and Multi-channel

Use mobile, multi-channel solutions to improve collaboration for a largely mobile, largely dispersed care team. Give your staff the ability to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with each other and with patients, using the devices and channels most appropriate for their needs and locations. By enabling better care team collaboration, you can reduce the risk of medical errors, deliver personalized service, enhance patient safety, and improve patient care and outcomes.

Build Dynamic Care Teams

Build Dynamic Care Teams

In the event of an emergency, your Avaya solutions helps you respond faster and more effectively by automatically identifying and assembling the best healthcare resources rapidly, and facilitating seamless and effective communication and collaboration within the team to make decisions and respond quickly.

Provide Access to a Virtual Patient Service Center

Provide Access to a Virtual Patient Service Center

Help ensure patients receive holistic, comprehensive care to make full recoveries. Connect the patient experience at every stage of the patient care cycle to deliver the personalized care your patients deserve. Whether you are part of a single clinic or a large hospital system, you can improve patient access to care, automate routine processes, and proactively reach out to patients.

ProMedica Adapts as Healthcare Industry Evolves

Benefits: Improved Customer Service, Reduce Cost, Network Scalability
Topics: Customer Service, Network Security, Telemedicine
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It’s Time for Healthcare IT to Evolve with Software-Defined Networking

It’s Time for Healthcare IT to Evolve with Software-Defined Networking

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The Importance of Patient-Centered Communication in the Digital Hospital

The Importance of Patient-Centered Communication in the Digital Hospital

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Patient Experience in the Digital Hospital—the Impact of Technology

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