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October 24, 2023

Partner Spotlight: Start Competing on New Experiences with Advanced AI and Mobility from Avaya with and Cognigy

Partner Spotlight: Start Competing on New Experiences with Advanced AI and Mobility from Avaya with and Cognigy

Jabeen Manzoor

Solution Marketing Manager, Avaya Customer Experience Services (ACES)

Over the past few months, we’ve been hearing a lot of opinions on and interest around mobility and AI. This isn’t surprising considering the numbers: 51 percent of organizations now have a contact center strategy built specifically around AI, and 84 percent of companies that claim to be customer-centric are focusing heavily on optimizing their mobile customer experience.

Have you considered how your organization can use mobility and AI in the contact center beyond table stakes capabilities like SMS and call routing? and Cognigy are industry leaders who have cracked the code for streamlining implementation of advanced AI and mobility in the contact center, and Avaya’s strategic partnerships with them helps our customers to get ahead whether their contact center is in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both. There’s a vast world of AI and mobility solutions that innovative organizations are exploring to start competing on new customer experiences.

At the heart of this innovation is simplicity, which means there is a conceptual representation of complex tech solutions. At Avaya, the virtual workforce/assistants are equipped with "Skills"—a combination of native and partnered technologies that power their functions. From bolstering customer services to advancing security operations, they embody the amalgamation of Avaya's core technological prowess and our expansive partner ecosystem. Further, with the infusion of adaptable “Skills”, they are positioned to grow in tandem with the dynamic needs of businesses and the diverse clientele of our partners.

Let’s dive in deeper to see what Journey and Cognigy solutions are available for Avaya customers:


How do you know with the highest degree of accuracy that a customer is who they say they are or the person logging into an agent’s desktop is in fact that employee? How well are you protecting customers’ sensitive information during payment processing and document signing? Are your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores suffering because of a frustrating authentication process? Journey addresses these critical questions and more with its innovative approach to establishing verified digital identities.

Journey’s innovative platform enables composable identity experiences that can be tailored for any voice or digital interaction. Their advanced identity network applies innovative cryptography and privacy for fast and secure data validation across all user endpoints and contact center channels-- improving customer satisfaction while preventing fraud and optimizing operational and cost efficiencies.

Journey’s identity platform is a service add-on for Avaya customers, meaning it doesn’t require the replacement of any contact center infrastructure or vendors. Avaya customers can start immediately innovating with new identity experiences that are simple to design, dramatically increase security, and help reduce costs whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Mix and match identity capabilities like biometrics, face mapping, and mobile device data to meet your most common business challenges around security, privacy, and customer experience (CX).
  • Fortify your contact center in a world where traditional authentication methods like Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA) and masking and purging are child’s play for hackers.
  • Improve your outbound calling campaigns by establishing trust upfront: Journey’s approach has been proven to increase connect rates by up to 10x.
  • Vastly reduce your scope of PCI compliance by eliminating customers’ card information on agents’ screens.
  • Crush contact center key performance indicators (KPIs) and increase CSAT scores with fast and seamless authentication across channels (no more having to repeat the same verification questions and answers with each new interaction).

Journey is gaining interest among Avaya customers, especially those in financial services, business process outsourcing, and retail. We published a four-part blog series on our partnership with Journey and the incredible ways customers stand to gain, which you can start reading here.


Cognigy is an undisputed leader in AI, including the hottest new topic of Generative AI. The company’s conversational AI platform – Cognigy.AI – tackles an ever-widening spectrum of contact center automation use cases, from conversational Interactive voice response (IVR) to agent assist and Robotic process automation (RPA).

Cognigy and Avaya have a long history of working together, and our partnership continues to expand. This year it was announced that Cognigy.AI is available directly from Avaya and its channel partners, and it is integrated with the Avaya Elite application. Just like with Journey, a critical advantage of Cognigy’s integration with Avaya is that it does not require rip-and-replace actions. Cognigy.AI seamlessly layers in the contact center technology stack, bringing together data across systems to accelerate problem solving and enhance customer journeys.

Cognigy.AI can sit comfortably on top of Avaya’s existing infrastructure, allowing customers to start creating new experiences leveraging innovative AI technologies including Large Language Models (LLMs), which is the basis for Generative AI. Implementation is streamlined with capabilities made accessible through an easy low-code user interface.  

  • Personalized, human-like interactions: Cognigy’s Natural Language Understanding is enhanced with Generative AI, which makes conversations feel truly natural and personal to customers. The platform also captures customer input across all contact center channels and modes of communication in real-time to ensure rich, interactive dialogues.
  • Uncover conversational insights at a high-level as well as with the level of granularity needed to drill down and make specific improvements.
  • Turn your agents into superheroes with AI that assists and elevates: jumpstart AI-powered live support with a full-featured agent desktop, automated routine handling, and enable fluid, bidirectional transitions between virtual and human agents.

There’s no doubt that Journey and Cognigy can significantly enhance and transform experiences and operations. Their offerings complement most contact centers, but pre-integration with Avaya’s products is a powerful customer benefit.

 Visit Hybrid Cloud Services and Avaya Customer Experience Services (ACES) pages to learn more.


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