Charter College International High School Goes Virtual

Alison Dodge, Principal of Charter College International High School, and her students show how students and faculty have quickly overcome the challenges of educating students at home during the pandemic. Our all-in-one simple application Avaya Spaces lets them create virtual classrooms with real-time video, file sharing, messaging and more.

>> COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it, and our school is no different. Initially when I watched the news and heard we had a full lockdown, I actually panicked.
>> At first I didn't really believe it. At first I thought it was. It was like a dream or something.

And I really really miss the kids and missing having them here.
>> A big priority for us was the safety of our students. So we didn't really have a choice. They had to work from home. Avaya approached us and they offered us their Avaya spaces program for six months and it's an online teaching program Now we have done a little bit of work on tissue fluid before, but not really spoke about how tissue fluid is made.


>> We didn't know what to expect honestly, we logged in for the first time you would load up your camera, you would load up your microphone you would load up some speakers, headphones or whatever you use. It's kind of exciting to see the classroom again, everybody looks different.


>> We Could share content with the students we could see PowerPoints and you can show them a practical in real life. The Productivity increased I could see my students were much more engaged they asked me so much more questions.
>> Via has been really cool because it allowed us to record lessons if we weren't able to To make it through a lesson, we could still rewatch the lesson as if we were in the classroom the whole time.


>> So one thing that's super awesome work that I'm very excited about is the fact that we can use the system even when lockdown is over. Especially in exam times when kids don't have to come to school. They can literally just tell me ma'am, I'm struggling with the subjects,


>> I'm struggling with a specific topic he's having fear by system has fundamentally changed the way we teach, which is very exciting for the future.