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April 09, 2024

The Power of CX: Why Recognizing Innovators Matters

The Power of CX: Why Recognizing Innovators Matters

Marylou Maco

Chief Revenue and Customer Experience Officer

Customer experience (CX) has emerged as a crucial differentiator for businesses across industries. In today’s customer-first landscape, organizations can create competitive advantage by continuously taking the proper care, consideration, and compassion in creating and upleveling customer experiences. Delivering exceptional CX can drive all aspects of business performance, growth, and ultimately success.

Because our primary goal every day is to help enterprises deliver unmatched CX, Avaya is proud to launch the CX Force Awards program, designed to celebrate the innovators, strategists, and pioneers dedicated to reshaping the world of customer experience.

As Avaya’s Customer Experience and Revenue Officer, I am the biggest advocate for our customers, ensuring their needs and perspectives stay at the forefront of our decision making. We have continuously transformed to meet customer needs, thanks to the countless bright minds of innovators across our teams and our partner ecosystem who have kept us on the forefront over the years with customer-driven, industry-leading  technologies that bring both incredible experiences and incredible value.

Think about game-changing, customer-facing technological innovations that have directly shaped customer experiences in recent years: live shopping technology, AI-powered chatbots and product recommendations, and automated metrics and performance measurement tools that have reimagined how we analyze customer interactions for continued improvement. Behind every one of those innovations there has been a customer need, and customer teams who have harnessed the power of that solution to deliver outstanding outcomes for their customers.  This is what sparked the concept of the CX Force Awards.

The inaugural CX Force Awards will recognize seven individuals across industries who are driving meaningful change and are at the forefront of setting benchmarks for exceptional experiences. The CX Force Awards were founded by Avaya in partnership with the International Avaya User Group (IAUG), a community that enables Avaya users to connect and share ideas that are transforming the industry. The program is co-sponsored by Silicon Valley-based technology research and advisory firm Constellation Research.

We hope that this program and its mission will inspire others to celebrate and show appreciation for the innovators within their communities, as that recognition is sure to motivate and inspire even more innovators to think outside of the box and discover new ways to uplevel the customer experiences they deliver. By motivating our teams to always strive to better serve our customers, it’s a win-win-win situation: customer satisfaction skyrockets, their organizations see massive success resulting from that satisfaction, and the CX leaders driving this growth feel valued and appreciated for their incredible work.

To learn more about the CX Force Awards, visit the website for , the nomination form, and more. I encourage you to spread the word within your network and nominate the impressive CX changemakers in your circle today!

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