Avaya Device Planning Guide

Learn how to equip your employees with today's most powerful communications tools and experiences. Here are the areas where you should focus.

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You want to equip your employees with today's most powerful communication tools, but where should you start? In this Device Planning Guide, we'll walk you through ten steps to follow. Also, consider downloading the latest Avaya State of the Desktop report. It's filled with information to help you understand today's key trends in workforce communications.

Now, let's get started. Here are the top ten areas where you should focus your attention.


Your employees spend plenty of time at their desk. So for a fast payback on your technology investment, that's a great place to start. Avaya IX IP Phones put employees in complete control of their communications, the audio quality and options for customization are a major step up from what you're probably used to.

And research shows these phones significantly improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Next, look at your audio conferencing. In surveys, better audio quality is the number one request from employees. Avaya IX Conference Phones like the B199 come with Omni sound technology. So when people move around, they still sound like they're right next to the phone.

One touch conference entry means your dialing number is always right where you need it. So meetings start on time with just one touch. And while we're talking about conferencing, step three is to take a good look at your video conferencing. Avaya IX Tracking Cameras follow the speaker. So, whoever is talking appears front and center, dramatically improving the video conference experience for everyone.

Step four is to get focused on your huddle spaces. They are a great place for impromptu collaboration. Solutions like Avaya's One Cable Connect, make it easy for people to gather together, get connected and get working. And with the award-winning Avaya IX Collaboration Unit CU360, you don't even need a laptop.

It pulls everything you need from the cloud. But you can still use a laptop if you'd like.


Today's smartphones have established a whole new paradigm for business communications. So step five is to bring that smartphone experience to your employee desktops with Avaya Vantage, the app driven solution for making calls, updating calendars, getting into your next meeting, managing your social networks and so much more. And while we're talking about smartphones, let's go to step six and talk about wireless.

Avaya Vantage and many of our desktop and conference phones are wireless. Bring them into any work location, including at home. Connect them to your wireless network and you're off and running. It's a great way to get started in a new office or streamline employee onboarding. Step seven is headsets, you can't beat them for sound quality, especially in today's open offices.

Avaya has a full line of professional headsets that use Avaya's patented acoustic edge technology to maximize the audio experience while also providing protection from long-term audio exposure. Often, the first contact your customers have with you is through your receptionist. So for step eight, take a good look at your front desk situations and consider a Avaya's complete line of receptionist solutions.

For step nine, consider how Avaya devices can accelerate the workflows specific to your industry. For example, in hospitality, Avaya has purpose-built devices and packaged solutions that deliver a whole new level of guest experience. Finally, step ten is to consider purchasing options like Avaya Device as a Service and Avaya Device Flex Purchase Plan that replace upfront costs with smaller, manageable monthly payments.


Acting on each of these ten areas will clear the way to realizing your goals for employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Take a look at our online catalog at avaya.com/findyourfit, then contact your Avaya representative to move forward with accelerating your business with Avaya Smart Devices today.