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Avaya and Afiniti - Intelligent Agent to Customer Pairing

See how Avaya and Afiniti enhance interactions by pairing customers with the right employee based on predicted interpersonal behavior.

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Isn't it the best feeling when you call into a contact center and the agent already knows who you are and anticipates your needs? Saving time and having personalized attention is what we demand as consumers. Great experiences, and we're a customer for life. Just one poor experience and we move on to another company.

That's why Avaya and Afiniti have partnered to deliver an intelligent contact center. The Avaya Afiniti solution takes the information you have about your customers. Combines it with data from external sources, capturing subtle behavioral patterns across millions of customer interactions. And using AI, machine learning, and patented algorithms, sorts through every possible pairing of customers and agents to identify the one that is most likely to deliver a more successful outcome and measurable increases in enterprise profitability.

Pairing your callers with agents using AI results in greater more personalized customer experiences and agent satisfaction, reducing frustration, saving time, and resulting in better financial performance. According to industry analysts, businesses leveraging this kind of solution see revenues increase by 5% to 10%. Turn your contact center into a profit center.

Find out more at avaya.com.