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May 31, 2024

AI Use Cases Abound at Avaya ENGAGE 2024

The Avaya ENGAGE 2024 Conference showcased a bold vision of our AI-driven future, encapsulated perfectly by Katie Linendoll, the renowned tech expert and event host, who declared "AI Everywhere" as her top trend for 2024. This proclamation set the tone for the conference, where attendees were immersed in a plethora of AI applications that are transforming human communication across various sectors.

Katie Linendoll's statement resonated throughout the event, illustrating the pervasive influence of AI in our daily interactions. From groundbreaking research to real-world applications, AI's integration into communication technologies is not just a trend but a revolution. The conference was a testament to how AI is reshaping the way we live, work, interact, and communicate, making processes more efficient and interactions more meaningful.

Dr. Ayanna Howard on AI and Human Essence

Dr. Ayanna Howard's keynote address delved into the intricate relationship between AI, language, and our human essence. She pointed out a fascinating dichotomy: while human errors are often forgiven and even anticipated, we demand perfection from AI. This expectation often leads to strong reactions when AI systems fail, highlighting our complex relationship with technology.

Dr. Howard emphasized the necessity of human oversight in AI applications, particularly in customer experiences (CX). She advocated for using AI to enhance tasks like recommendations and upselling, ensuring that while AI can improve our understanding of consumer needs, it should always operate under human ethical guidelines.

R "Ray" Wang on Symbiotic Trust and Mass Personalization

R "Ray" Wang, the founder and CEO of Constellation Research, Inc., presented a compelling vision of "symbiotic trust" and mass personalization at scale with AI. He stressed that future business success hinges on strategically integrating AI into business models. Wang's perspective underscores the importance of using AI as an enabler to enhance human capabilities and foster deeper customer interactions, rather than focusing solely on the technology itself.

Avaya's Formula for Enterprise CX Success: CX + EX = BG

Many of the largest enterprises in the world rely on Avaya, and it was clear from the Avaya customer interviews and presentations at the conference that they are planning to use AI in a big way.  Avaya's formula for Enterprise CX success—Customer Experience (CX) + Employee Experience (EX) = Business Growth (BG)—was a central theme at the conference. This formula was exemplified through a series of powerful use cases that highlighted how AI can drive improvements in both customer and employee experiences, ultimately leading to business growth.

AI Customer Experience Use Cases

AI is revolutionizing customer engagement in profound ways. AI-powered social media engagement tools have transformed social tools into a digital access channel, making it faster and easier for customers to make reservations and purchases online. This not only boosts consumer confidence but also enhances the overall ease of use, saving time for both customers and businesses and driving profitability.

In the customer support arena, AI-enhanced journeys have created a seamless and secure experience for users. Agents are now empowered with AI-driven tools that elevate their productivity and collaboration, enabling them to provide more efficient and personalized service. This transformation leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sentiment-tailored agent responses powered by AI ensure that interactions are emotionally appropriate, significantly improving the quality of service. Combined with AI-powered identity verification, this capability increases agent collaboration and enhances the overall customer experience.

Emergency services have also seen remarkable improvements with AI. AI-driven tools enhance emergency outcomes by providing quick and accurate information, simplifying administration, and improving safety and security measures.

AI human avatars are another innovation in customer interactions. These avatars can use AI for quick information retrieval and can seamlessly elevate complex queries to human agents, leading to improved engagement outcomes.

Biometric authentication through AI provides a more efficient and secure identity verification process than passwords. Similarly, AI secure payment systems streamline payment processing, enhancing consumer trust and convenience.

Voice Localization technology, developed by Avaya Devconnect Partner Krisp, removes accents from agent interactions, expanding support options and enabling clearer communications. This breakthrough improves customer satisfaction by breaking down language barriers.

Employee Experience Use Cases

For employees, AI is enhancing well-being and performance in significant ways.

AI-driven agent monitoring tools support agents by using gamification to keep them engaged and adaptive workload management to ensure they are neither overworked nor underutilized -- leading to a more motivated and productive workforce.

Real-time AI coaching bots, developed with Avaya Ecosystem Partner Verint, provide AI-powered assistance to agents, enhancing their performance and customer interactions. This real-time support helps agents deliver superior customer experiences consistently.

Language translation tools powered by AI allow businesses to serve a larger population by breaking down language barriers. Smart agent routing and streamlined interactions ensure that customers  connect with the right agents quickly and efficiently. The high interest in this area was crystal clear at the conference – with many demonstrations showing the many languages now enabled by AI.

Avaya Cloud Office, integrated with RingCentral AI, offers a streamlined collaboration platform that unifies communications and enhances the overall work experience. Employees can collaborate more effectively, leading to improved productivity and job satisfaction.

The integration of Zoom AI with Avaya systems provides innovation without disruption. This collaboration suite enhances user experience and ensures comprehensive collaboration, supporting a more connected and efficient workforce.

Business Growth Use Cases

AI is a powerful driver of business growth, as illustrated by several innovative use cases. The integration of Microsoft Copilot with Avaya systems showcases how AI can streamline data analysis and report generation. This integration enables automated report generation, intuitive data exploration, and democratizes access to insights, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions swiftly.

End-to-end AI-enabled case automation simplifies the customer experience by streamlining case management and ensuring secure identity verification. This automation leads to more efficient handling of customer queries and faster resolution times.

Delivering AI cloud innovation to AXP On-Prem allows businesses to retain their existing capabilities while innovating at their own pace. This approach accelerates business outcomes by providing a flexible and scalable solution that adapts to the unique needs of each business.

In Summary

The Avaya ENGAGE 2024 Conference highlighted the transformative power of AI across many domains. From enhancing customer experiences to improving employee well-being and driving business growth, AI is at the forefront of a new era in human communication. The insights and innovations showcased at the conference provide a glimpse into the “AI Everywhere” future where AI is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, driving efficiency, and fostering deeper connections.

Key AI Takeaways from Avaya ENGAGE 2024:

  • A Vibrant Avaya AI Ecosystem: Avaya is connecting its customers with the best AI technology in the industry, delivering orchestration across these advanced technologies to enhance user experiences.
  • Pushing the Boundaries of AI for CX: Groundbreaking AI applications were showcased, including advancements in health and wellbeing, multilingual instant information access, agent avatars, and more, demonstrating Avaya's commitment to innovative customer experiences.
  • Commitment to Safe and Ethical AI Solutions: Transparency, privacy, anti-bias, and choice are central to Avaya's AI solutions, ensuring that ethical considerations are paramount in every development.
  • Now is the Time to Enhance Your Avaya Solutions with AI: With new partnerships with Zoom and RingCentral, alongside strong existing partnerships with AI giants like Microsoft and Google, Avaya is ready to help you realize the benefits of advanced AI solutions today.

Exciting News! The virtual Avaya ENGAGE conference has been re-opened for registration. Don't miss the opportunity to catch up on any content you may have missed. Register here for the virtual event.

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