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Six Avaya CPaaS Solutions for Financial Services

Today, banking and finance customers expect to do business using simple, seamless solutions. Learn how financial institutions can use Avaya OneCloud to deliver composable, personalized experiences. In this video, we look at Virtual Online Branches, Intelligent Hotlines, Authentication, Personalized Mobile Experiences, Simplified Service Delivery, and Proactive Outreach.

>> [MUSIC] When today's consumers connect with their financial institutions, they expect experiences that are simple, seamless, and easy to manage on the go. If their financial institution can't deliver them, they look for the one that can. Now with Avaya OneCloud, you can get the composable solutions you need to keep up with changing consumer expectations. Interested? Here are six examples of how financial institutions are using Avaya OneCloud today. These include virtual online branches, intelligent hotlines, authentication, personalized mobile experiences, simplifying service delivery and proactive outreach. Using Avaya OneCloud to integrate phone, chat, and video capabilities means more transactions that once required visiting a branch can now be handled digitally. Avaya OneCloud also makes it easy to set up intelligent hotlines with advanced analytics to interact with callers, process inputs, monitor sentiment, and connect people to the information and services they need. OneCloud gives you the tools for integrating real-time biometrics directly into transactions for simpler, secure authentication and for personalizing mobile interactions with solutions that pull from customer databases and third-party apps, as well as actions triggered by smartphone sensors and beacons. Simplify interactions such as applying for loans by using chat bots to navigate users through a website and answer their questions. Get a full range of proactive outreach solutions for rapidly conveying information on new services and account updates. Avaya OneCloud solutions are completely composable. Avaya can personalize these solutions to meet your specific business needs in a few hours, all you need to do is subscribe to them in the Cloud. They are also scalable, adapting to your usage pattern and you only pay for what you use. Ready to start delivering the smarter, easier communications experiences your customers are looking for? Connect on avaya.com or contact your Avaya representative to see what Avaya OneCloud can do for you. [MUSIC].