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Caesar Satellite Secures Avaya Solutions for Contact Center Upgrade

Caesar Satellite
Caesar Satellite


  • Lack of resilience, risk of downtime

  • Large volume of calls that need to be addressed immediately

  • 24/7/365 system with periods of heavy call volumes and alarm notifications

Value Created

  • Avaya solutions formed the basis for a high-performance contact center capable of serving over 135,000 clients with disaster recovery capabilities

  • Operating 24/7, the contact center is now capable of processing over 14,000 calls and alarms from anywhere in Russia every day

  • The processes have been tuned to ensure immediate response to all calls during peak loads, in case of black outs and other emergencies

The Avaya Aura® Platform facilitates the continuity of the company’s business with unified communications including disaster recovery capabilities.

Security is one of the business areas which demand the strictest requirements for proper functioning of IT-systems. Promptness of data processing and response to emerging hazards is the key efficiency indicator of security systems for real estate and automobiles. Caesar Satellite protects hundreds of office premises, apartments, country houses and automobiles. Along with monitoring centers providing information 24/7, the contact center is another crucial element in ensuring reliable and efficient protection of the client's property. It operates 24 hours a day in all time zones and promptly handles alarm signals to prevent violations all over Russia.

The continuous growth of demand on the infrastructure load as well as the desire for service quality improvements, required enhancing the contact center performance and efficiency.

In 2016, we prevented over 30,000 robberies with approximately 25,000 lawbreakers arrested. The contact center is a key component of our business processes: it ensures immediate processing of emergency calls and effective prevention of violations.

Main Business Tasks

Caesar Satellite considers immediate processing all calls to be crucial for its success. This process directly depends on the fault-tolerant service structure, which is the cornerstone of business reliability and continuity. In order to create a new contact center meeting the defined performance and efficiency requirements, the company needed to solve the following tasks:

  • Upgrade the existing IT-infrastructure by implementing cutting-edge software

  • Improve the performance of the remote customer service infrastructure

  • Ensure disaster recovery of the contact center

  • Integrate the new contact center with the client's existing systems

  • Make working conditions more comfortable for the staff

  • Develop and implement the client's own software tailored to business specific needs

Why Avaya?

The solution provider for the new contact center was selected based on such criteria as cost-effectiveness including cost of the solution and payback time, the solution’s functionality and reliability and the vendor's experience with similar projects. Avaya has been the leader in the contact center market in Russia for many years and employs a wide network of highly professional partners and integrators. The company has a reputation as a reliable provider of telecommunications equipment for various business areas and non-profit organizations. With its variety of solutions, Avaya is able to build and upgrade telecommunications infrastructures of any complexity. After careful investigation of the Caesar Satellite IT-infrastructure location in Moscow and Khimki town, the following Avaya solutions were chosen:

  • Avaya Aura Communication Manager with call distribution software Avaya Aura Call Center Elite became the basis for the contact center providing work places for 200 operators

  • Avaya Call Management System was used to build the reporting system

  • Interactive voice platform Avaya Aura Experience Portal was implemented as a self-service platform

  • Avaya Elite Multichannel was used to create a single route for incoming calls via different channels and to integrate the contact center with existing IT systems.

Caesar Satellite

Project Implementation

The project was implemented in the following stages:

  • Assuring trouble-free operation  - All components of the contact center were virtualized to ensure their synchronized and uninterrupted function. Backup of the virtualized contact center components, including core equipment, was installed on servers in data-processing centers located in different areas. Local implementation of redundant contact center functions to ensure off-line operation of subsidiaries in case of emergencies.

  • Upgrade of the existing IT-infrastructure  - All outdated components of the existing contact center (call routing and distribution systems, reporting, voice call center management, computer-integrated telephony server etc.) were updated to the latest versions of Avaya software.

  • Integration with business systems  - The interactive voice response (IVR) system was transferred to the Avaya Experience Portal to ensure single routing of incoming calls and seamless integration with other elements of the contact center. To achieve this goal, the IVR logic was upgraded and integrated with the emergency calls processing system. The new contact center was integrated with the data base of Caesar Satellite, which made it possible to use existing client data without transferring to the new platform. The existing functions, such as automated call distribution, statistics generation, etc. were preserved.

  • Optimization based on proprietary developments  - The integrator developed and implemented their own solutions to improve the client's efficiency: pop-up info cards and a “Conversation template” application which are triggered automatically depending on the type of the customer's call.

Caesar Satellite

"Caesar Satellite serves customers from various regions in Russia. Every year, the rapid response teams of Caesar Satellite respond to an average of 380,000 emergency calls from apartments, cottages and commercial premises. In 2016, we prevented over 30,000 robberies with approximately 25,000 lawbreakers arrested. The contact center is a key component of our business processes: it ensures immediate processing of emergency calls and effective prevention of violations. Taking into account its importance for our business, we entrusted this project to Asteros and made the right choice. Today we are proud owners of the most innovative and efficient contact center in our industry, which is bound to raise Caesar Satellite to a new quality level of customer service,” states Oganez Torosyan, Head of IT-Service Caesar Satellite.

About Caesar Satellite

Caesar Satellite is the leader in the Russian market of security systems for real estate and automobiles. The operator protects office premises, apartments, country houses and automobiles. The company was founded in 1997 and started as a provider of satellite security systems for automobiles. In the early 2000s, the company began to develop its local networks and soon grew into a major national operator. In 2006, it was certified under ISO 9001 and became the first company in Russia to obtain Thatcham certification. Since 2013, Caesar Satellite has been a member of the GLONASS Non-Profit Partnership.

Caesar Satellite possesses a reliable monitoring infrastructure processing 5 million signals every year. There are 4 monitoring centers which distribute the operating load in real time and ensure continuous functioning of the system 24/7/365.

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