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Avaya Communicator for Android [PDF]

Avaya Communicator for Android OS is a new generation of mobile client that extends enterprise grade telephony and real-time collaboration services to Android smartphones.

Avaya Multimedia Messaging [PDF]

Multimedia Messaging delivers powerful IM and presence capabilities for Avaya Communicator users. Individuals and groups can interact and productively handle conversations and engage across locations and time. The ability to communicate using multiple types of media allows people and teams to quickly gain alignment, make decisions, and get work done.

Avaya Communicator for Windows [PDF]

Avaya Communicator for Windows is a new generation client that extends unified communications and real-time collaboration services to devices using Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Avaya Communicator for iPad [PDF]

Avaya Communicator for iPad is a new generation client that lets business professionals use their Apple iPad device for business communications.



Avaya Equinox and Oceana User Experience [4:12]

It’s game day! When time is critical and the task list is long, rely on Avaya Team and Customer Engagement solutions to make the difference!

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