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October 05, 2022

How On-premises Enterprises Are Taking Advantage of Hybrid Cloud for AI Capabilities

How On-premises Enterprises Are Taking Advantage of Hybrid Cloud for AI Capabilities

Natalie Romano

Global VP, Experience Platform Solution Sales

We all know the benefits of leveraging cloud technology — better agility, scalability, mobility — but there are also huge advantages of including AI features businesses should be looking at, especially for calling, meetings, and collaboration. AI capabilities offer unique, productivity-boosting benefits that elevate how work gets done, especially in the world of work from anywhere. Your current business communications might be fine as they are. But when you ask your employees, however, they may provide different insight.

Organizations can use their on-premises systems and take advantage of communications capabilities in the cloud through hybrid configurations. One example is where an on-premises system routes audio and video through cloud-hosted technology for real-time media processing, enhances its value with AI, and routes it back on-premises. Avaya does this through its Media Processing Core (MPC) technology within Avaya Experience Platform.

Here are a few AI capabilities that can help support your teams create better outcomes with better user experiences.

AI-based Background Noise Removal

Work needs to happen wherever we and our customers happen to be, whether that’s at home or elsewhere. It can be hard for a contact center agent to hear a customer calling in from an airport with announcements while waiting for a flight or from a noisy café. It can be hard to hear each other during meetings depending on where we’re working and what we’re doing — dogs barking at home or construction happening outside. Yet we need to navigate these situations to work as efficiently as possible, and AI functionality can help drown out background noise so whoever you are speaking with can hear and be heard crystal-clear. This is important in real-time, for listening back to recordings, and for accurate transcriptions. See AI Noise Removal in action.

AI Virtual Backgrounds

We’re not talking about backgrounds that became trendy at the onset of the pandemic. We’re talking about classic, professional backgrounds for employees to use when they may not have the best space for conducting a meeting or presentation. Let’s say you’re working from a coworking space, and all the private conference rooms are booked, leaving much to be desired for a client presentation (of course, there will also be noise to contend with).

AI-infused Immersive Presentations

Video meetings should offer more than just a screen to stare at. Whether at home, in the office, or elsewhere, your AI-infused presentations can help create an elegant and engaging virtual experience via screenshare. This technology overlays speakers on top of presented material, providing a sleek, seamless viewing experience not unlike a keynote or lecture. Presenters can share PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, data results, and more.

These capabilities can be game changers for every kind of organization. Agent teams can communicate more effectively in busy contact center open-plan workplaces. Remote teams can collaborate on projects more efficiently, and sales reps can create more engaging demos. Companies can also create more engaging training experiences, like this HR practice does with Avaya Spaces.

If you want valuable AI capabilities, you don’t need to transition 100% to public cloud. On-premises enterprises across all industries are turning to Avaya hybrid cloud solutions to make this move at a pace that makes sense for their needs. The solutions enable you to unlock the very best benefits of cloud — including market leading AI functionality — without a major disruption to your existing enterprise telephony solution. Outside of AI capabilities, Avaya Experience Platform customers have reported being able to increase new hires through an expanded talent pool, strengthen customer relationships through more dynamic connections, and increase revenue opportunities through new diversified offerings.  

Learn more about how you can use cloud to modernize your business communications.

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