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September 14, 2023

How Are You Protecting Your Customer Data? Unlock Trust and Compliance by Ensuring Data Sovereignty

How Are You Protecting Your Customer Data? Unlock Trust and Compliance by Ensuring Data Sovereignty

Ian Purdell-Lewis

Regional VP of Channel Sales at Avaya Canada

The cloud is where businesses go to build a competitive edge, especially  when it comes to delivering  exceptional customer experience through the contact centre. Unfortunately, concerns around data sovereignty can stifle migration for Canadian organizations.

Consider these facts as they come together: nearly 80% of Canadians are concerned about how their personal data is being handled, the average data breach costs Canadian businesses $5.6 million (leading to price increases for 60%), and spending in the Canadian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market is expected to top $182B or $247.5 CAD  by 202.7.

Data sovereignty and cloud adoption go hand in hand, particularly in the realm of customer data management. Customers need to know that the companies they do business with safeguard their data and respect their privacy rights. Read on for a breakdown of what data sovereignty is, why it’s so critical, and how Avaya helps Canadian organizations ensure information governance in an evolving cloud landscape.

Data Sovereignty: What You Need to Know

Data sovereignty refers to the concept that data is subject to the laws and regulations of the country where it is located. In the context of cloud solutions for Canadian contact centres, data sovereignty means ensuring that sensitive customer information is stored and processed within Canadian borders in alignment with the country's data protection laws as opposed to the global entities that create the data. This is crucial for maintaining customer trust, adhering to legal requirements, and mitigating the potential privacy and cybersecurity risks of cross-border data transfers.

Soon there may also be financial ramifications of noncompliance for organizations. Canadian politicians have been working for the past  few years to pass legislation that would update the country’s data privacy rules. Big fines are included in the newly proposed Bill C-11, which “outlines the prohibitions and obligations of organizations with respect to the maintenance, use, and disclosure of personal information collected during commercial business” – up to 5% of revenue or $25 million, whichever is the higher sum.

Keeping customer data within the country is highly recommended for avoiding the complexities and risks associated with cross-border data transfers. Data sovereignty ensures that cloud-based Canadian contact centres remain in good standing as customer data flows, protecting both their reputation and bottom line.

Rest Assured with Avaya Experience Platform

Canadian companies need a comprehensive solution that allows them the flexibility to innovate and bring new features and functions to their customers and employees – all while ensuring customer data is controlled within their borders. Avaya answers this call with Avaya Experience Platform, a comprehensive cloud solution that allows any company of any size to bring every customer experience need to life with cutting-edge AI, automation and self-service, next-level workforce engagement and more, while fully ensuring data sovereignty (not to mention how much you could save by improving productivity and processes).

The solution is built with data sovereignty in mind. Data localization, specific security measures, compliance support, and localized expertise ensure that customer data is effectively managed while adhering to today and tomorrow’s digital sovereignty laws. Avaya Experience Platform makes it easy to prioritize customer trust, security, and regulatory compliance in an ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing and customer engagement.

Avaya has helped Canadian organizations across numerous industries including retail, finance, utilities, insurance, and the public sector (federal, provincial, municipal government, education, healthcare, NG9-1-1) create transformative cloud-first strategies while simultaneously meeting stringent security requirements. Our customers’ results show the power of Avaya’s solutions and expertise. Customers like iUNGO achieved growth of 300% in call volume with Avaya Experience Platform.

“It's impressive now that we made a measurement in relation to the previous year that we didn't have the platform, we achieved growth of 300% in call volume because we have the capacity to answer more calls simultaneously,” said Lidia Bances, Contact Center Lead, iUNGO.

The Cloud is Calling – Answer with Confidence

Companies are moving to the cloud, be it pure cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud. Avaya Experience Platform allows you to truly choose your journey to experiences that drive business momentum. Unique to our solution is that Avaya Experience Platform Connect allows businesses to layer cloud capabilities, such as those for ensuring data sovereignty, on top of their existing on-premises solutions to unlock new cloud innovation while maintaining stability, security, and control (a.k.a. innovation without disruption). Avaya Experience Platform works with any solution for any company of any size – it’s as simple as that.   

Helping Canadian Organizations Win

Data sovereignty is the tip of the iceberg for how Avaya is optimizing operations and delivering better communications as leading contact centre provider in Canada. We continue to grow with Microsoft and Google in the Canadian market, we recently celebrated the opening of a new Ottawa facility, and we’re continually achieving certification for critical security measures and compliances. We have over 200 channel value-added resellers from coast to coast, and we’re incredibly proud to be on the forefront of the Canadian Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) movement that’s transforming emergency services and saving lives.

Our strong relationships, deep expertise, and innovative technology enhance the quality, efficiency, and safety required for successfully adopting cloud solutions in the contact centre that transform CX and drive business momentum. Learn more about Avaya’s impact in Canada with our latest announcement and check out these resources to learn more about our award-winning Avaya Experience Platform.

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