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June 20, 2023

Avaya and Alvaria Partnership: Creating Enhanced Customer Experience Solutions Through Expanding Cloud Portfolio

Avaya and Alvaria Partnership: Creating Enhanced Customer Experience Solutions Through Expanding Cloud Portfolio

David Austin

Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Strategy and Alliances

Avaya is expanding its cloud portfolio and strengthening its outbound capabilities partnering with Alvaria, a longstanding Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner. This expanded partnership aims to enhance outbound capabilities and expand Avaya's cloud portfolio, empowering businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. By combining Alvaria's cloud solutions for outbound interactions, regulatory and compliance management, and best time to call capabilities with Avaya's contact center and enterprise cloud solutions, we aim to deliver exceptional customer experiences while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Enhancing Outbound Customer Experience

Outbound capabilities play a crucial role in successful customer service strategies. Avaya recognizes the importance of these capabilities and through its expanded partnership with Alvaria, enables joint customers to achieve their outreach objectives, such as customer acquisition, collections, growth, and retention. Coupled with Alvaria’s compliance with regulatory solutions, this empowers our customers to provide superior customer experiences and facilitates efficient interactions between Avaya-enabled call center agents and their customers.

Pathway to Cloud Migration

Avaya's collaboration goes beyond enhancing outbound capabilities. It also reinforces Avaya's commitment to providing enterprise customers with a clear pathway to cloud migration through its "Innovation without Disruption" strategy. Avaya's Enterprise Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Services (HCS) enable customers to leverage their existing investments and capabilities while embracing the benefits of the cloud. This approach helps unlock the benefits of cloud-based customer experience solutions without sacrificing their current infrastructure.

Benefits of the Partnership

The partnership between Avaya and Alvaria offers several key benefits to customers. Firstly, it enables access to advanced outbound interaction capabilities, allowing businesses to optimize their customer acquisition and retention efforts. Secondly, the integration of regulatory and compliance management solutions ensures adherence to regulations, minimizing risks and strengthening customer trust. Lastly, the incorporation of best time to call capabilities enhances the efficiency of outbound campaigns, maximizing the likelihood of successful customer engagements.

Enhanced Partnership Built on Avaya’s DevConnect Program

The Avaya DevConnect program is a global collaborative network that enables Avaya experts, partners, developers, and customers to deliver advanced customer and employee experiences through Avaya UCaaS and CCaaS solutions. By fostering the development and testing of innovative third-party solutions compatible with Avaya's standards, the program helps joint customers enhance collaboration and contact center investments across various capabilities. With thousands of members, including software and hardware developers, integrators, service providers, and corporate developers, the program offers a wide range of Avaya compliant solutions, such as virtual agent, agent assist as well as other AI-based solutions, mobile notifications, and specialized integrations. Avaya provides technical education, support, and benefits to program members, including Technology Partners like Alvaria, who meet rigorous criteria for customer satisfaction, product support, business operations, marketing, and sales.

By combining our two company’s expertise, we empower businesses to take their customer experience to new heights. Contact your sales team today to learn more.

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