Avaya Device as a Service

A new budget-friendly way to fund your communication devices. Simply pay an affordable monthly subscription and put the best, most current devices on desks and in conference rooms. Plus, there’s a trade-in offer going on now.

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In racing, a winning strategy boils down the skill using the right technology, and of course, avoiding the things that slow you down. It's the same in business, especially when it comes to giving your teams the tools they need to get things done. That's why Avaya is introducing device as a service.

It's a new way to put your employees in the driver's seat with the latest technologies. A subscription plan that removes the upfront cost of upgrading your phones, replacing it with small monthly payments as little as a few dollars a month per device. Subscribing to your devices gives you new agility to make changes at any time.

Avaya IP phones deliver the latest technologies to the desktop to keep your employees in the fast lane, or go to the next level with the breakthrough Avaya Vantage. The app driven desktop solution for making calls, updating your calendar, getting into your next meeting, managing your social networks, and so much more.

Give your employees Avaya audio quality wherever they go with the B109 personal conferencing device. Upgrade the technology in your conference rooms to increase collaboration and engagement. Equip your huddle rooms with Avaya simplicity. Avaya smartphones and devices remove the barriers that keep people from connecting and collaborating. And device as a service eliminates the financial barrier for upgrading your communications experience.

Act now and get a special discount for trading in your existing phones, even if they're not Avaya phones. Put your business on the fast track with the latest Avaya communications technology. Contact Avaya or your Avaya representative today to find out more about Avaya device as a service.