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Selectour Bleu Voyages Chooses IP Office to Consolidate Communication Systems at 40 Sites

Selectour Bleu Voyages
Selectour Bleu Voyages


  • Internet competition has driven the need for top notch customer service and personalized attention

  • The need to provide statistics and data reports for business clients via multiple communication channels

Value Created

  • Synchronized phones and computer systems lead to greater efficiency

  • Consolidation of communication systems at 40 locations

  • Improved data security and reduced costs

  • Meet the requirements of the French Standardization Association

Selectour Bleu Voyages, specialists in business, leisure, and group travel, has restructured its telecoms system and installed the IP Office solution at its 30 travel agencies and 10 B2B centers.

In recent years the travel sector has undergone enormous transformation, mainly due to increasing competition from the internet. On top of this, the economic crisis, terrorism, geopolitical conflicts, technological advancements, and changes with consumers and communications have impacted customer expectations. “Businesses in this sector have had no choice but to adapt in order to stay competitive,”according to Jean-Pierre Lorente, General Director of Group Travel.

Bleu Voyages had experienced numerous constraints with its telephony system. “We lacked basic functionality such as statistical analysis of calls or interaction between our telephony and computer systems. Our business clients increasingly request statistics and data in real time, via multiple communication channels: email, phone, chat, text message etc. If we’re going to be competitive, our business has to adapt to new technology, maximize productivity, and get the international quality certificates we need to satisfy customer requirements,” Lorente adds.

No other solution offers this much functionality while still tailoring everything to fit our needs.

Why Avaya?

Since 2010, Bleu Voyages has been seeking the technological update that would give them the best possible return on their investment.

“Our telecoms partner 5IS suggested the Avaya IP Office solution, and it was just what we needed. It synchronizes our phones to our computer systems, thus getting the most out of our investment,” Lorente explains. “No other solution offers this much functionality while still tailoring everything to fit our needs.”

For the Bleu Voyages Group, which comprises 40 sites, uninterrupted service during installation was key. Work was carried out progressively, beginning with some “pilot sites” before progressing to full integration. “We managed to get the employees using the new functionalities bit by bit, making the transition completely painless.”

The CEO highlights the centralized architecture based on a virtual server in the data center, which improves company security and lowers costs.

What’s more, “the characteristics of the Avaya IP Office™ platform help us meet the demanding criteria of the French Standardization Association (AFNOR), essential for building trust in relationships and business success. IPOCC means we can show that we are in control of our multimedia statistics in our responses to calls for tender or client requests, which is a big plus.”

Avaya IP Office™ was just what we needed. It synchronizes our phones to our computer systems, thus getting the most out of our investment.

About Selectour Bleu Voyages

Selectour Bleu Voyages is a French family business, originally from the Rhône-Alpes region. It is a member of the first independent network of travel agencies in France, the Selectour network.

The business has developed its activity for almost 50 years in the 4 main sectors of the travel industry:

  • Business travel

  • Personal travel and vacations

  • Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events (MICE), and group travel

  • Incoming travel, convincing foreign clients to come to la belle France

The business is currently comprised of 290 staff which are located in 10 business centers dedicated to business trips, and 30 traditional travel agencies.

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