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Parkar Looks to the Future with Avaya’s Reliable Communication Solutions

Parkar Consulting & Labs
Parkar Consulting & Labs


  • The need for a single solution provider to address their complete collaboration needs
  • At the new office, key employees need productivity applications such as mobility and video
  • Open Standard Solution that can seamlessly integrate with their UC solutions at other locations
  • Due to stringent rollout dates, they needed a solution that can be deployed quickly


  • Cost saving of approximately $12,000 USD
  • Seamless integration with existing UC solutions
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • User-friendly
  • Improved communications and collaboration
  • Increased productivity and enhanced efficiency

Parkar’s Customer to Partner Journey with Avaya

Parkar Consulting & Labs offers a full suite of Product Engineering, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and Digital Transformation solutions to help clients solve some of their most complex and niche business challenges. Headquartered in Chicago, they also have offices spread across seven locations including India, the Bay Area and Warsaw. The company has 150+ employees including consultants and an engineering team. Their name is derived from Paradigm Shift + Karma and translates into their day to day behavioral belief. Parkar has teamed with prolific consultants with deep domain experience who go beyond what’s expected to deliver what truly matters most to clients. Their consultants apply principles learned over the years, driving clients to modernize their technology infrastructures. Their entire DNA is focused on “Bringing Silicon Valley to the Enterprise” and to help clients accelerate the culture, technology and software development changes.

Under the Parkar Labs initiative they are also building their expertise in emerging technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc. TEAL, their first product, compliments the product management practice and was built to address issues in software automation and DevOps adoption. It’s the result of years of experience with consultants in automation testing across various domains and industry verticals

Hunt for a Solution

Parkar Consulting & Labs was looking for a complete solution for Networking, UC & Video Collaboration for their new setup in Pune, India. Parkar needed a single solution provider to address their complete collaboration needs. At the new office, they wanted to empower key employees with productive applications such as mobility and video. Their customers are geographically spread across the world and reliable communication had become crucial for the business to succeed. The team faced a significant challenge – due to its globally distributed operations, Parkar could not afford even a few hours of downtime on its communication network. The company saw an increased need for a modern communications platform along with enhanced flexibility to support its expanding operations. They needed an open standard solution that could seamlessly integrate with their UC solution at other locations, facilitate faster deployments, save valuable time and reduce costs considerably. Due to the stringent rollout schedule, Parkar wanted to have a solution that could be deployed in a short period of time.

Victorious Avaya

This year-and-a-half-old firm reached out to Avaya, hoping they could provide accurate and reliable solutions to all their challenges, and to their relief, they found it all available under one roof. To provide one complete and secure solution to the firm seemed to be a challenge, but Avaya emerged as the winner. As stated by Ms. Saroj Hange, a Solutions Consultant at Parkar, “Avaya was found to be a perfectly suitable option for the organization.” The resilience and competency that the Avaya solutions provide were the ideal fit for this situation.

Avaya, with the help of its partner ISK, deployed the IP Office SMB platform: 150 IP users with a mix of 1600 and 9600 series IP phones, 10 Power user licenses for top management and roaming users, Scopia XT5000 for video collaboration for both within and outside the organization, and a 3500 Series LAN switch for robust networking for real time business critical communications.

“The solutions deployed are handy and save our precious time, giving us time to focus on the main goals and objectives of the company.”

Smooth Execution

As Parkar urgently needed a cure to its problems, the Avaya solutions were deployed and configured with lightning speed and accuracy. Avaya’s business partner ISK configured the end to end deployment of the Avaya UC solution within stringent time frames. “When Avaya installed the voice mail system it was impressive and configured perfectly ahead of the targeted time,” shared Aniket Jadhav, IT Infra and Information Systems Lead. The partner helped in educating the Parkar workforce on how to use the Avaya solutions effectively and provided them with regular and reliable support services. “We received 24/7 support from Avaya whenever needed,” said Hange.

Parkar adopted Avaya‘s full stack solution base including Networking, Scopia and IP office. As of now, the company’s entire network is connected to Avaya switches which provide dependable connectivity throughout the entire organization, transforming it into a more ‘tech-savvy’ works place. Also, Avaya’s video conferencing solution is used to communicate with Parkar customers across the globe, facilitating smooth, uninterrupted interaction, making the world a smaller place.

Delightful Journey

Parkar’s goal is to be a leader in cutting-edge technologies and try to cater to the major challenges in the industry. This requires technology that is easy to use and efficient, hence saving time and therefore allowing customers to spend more time on innovation and to focus on more productive activities. Here’s where Avaya provides the biggest benefit: “The solutions deployed are handy and saves our precious time, giving us time to focus on the main goals and objectives of the company,” adds Hange.

After the successful deployment of the Avaya solutions, the cost saving has been approximately $12,000 USD. Another benefit the employees of Parkar are enjoying is that they don’t have to be physically present in the office to work productively. With the integration of their CRM tool with the Avaya system, the engagement process with the clients is now efficient, resulting in instantaneous decision making.

Parkar Consulting & Labs

The solutions deployed are handy and saves our precious time, giving us time to focus on the main goals and objectives of the company.

A Fulfilling Experience

The installation has been a complete success and Avaya’s superior solutions never fail to satisfy the customers and the staff of Parkar. “We have never had to put our heads down because of any glitch in the system while conversing with our clients. The process happens effortlessly and there have been no escalations experienced,” said Hange.

“At any time, more than 20 people can attend a meeting by using a single phone device, without experiencing any drop in the audio quality,” claims Aniket. Employees are pleased with the increased mobility the system offers since they can go anywhere in the office and make calls using their authentication code.

All staff members have access to their configured contacts, they can easily log into extensions and access ready-to-dial contacts. Solutions have been configured with the CRM tool which makes it possible for the employees to achieve freedom of movement, since every device can be used for communication and they are no longer restricted to using only desk phones. Avaya makes the information technology available with just the click of a button on their mobile phones as well. Parkar is enjoying the flexibility that the Avaya solution provides when carrying out their day-to-day activities which has helped to further improve its customer support by providing reliable services without downtime.

A Peek into the Future

Delighted by the journey completed so far, Parkar sees a future with trustworthy, reliable communication services provided by Avaya. Parkar hopes to grow in collusion with Avaya by becoming a partner of the company and expanding the relationship. “We want to partner with Avaya to be able to build personalized, custom applications over Avaya’s unified communication systems. The idea is for one of our exclusive technology partners to work in unison with Avaya to innovate using Avaya solutions and continue to grow our business. We hope to innovate together,” says Mr. Gaurav Singh, CEO Parkar Consulting & Labs.

We have never had to put our heads down because of any glitch in the system while conversing with our clients. The process happens effortlessly and there have been no escalations experienced.

About Parkar Consulting & Labs

Parkar Consulting & Labs is redefining work culture through its progressive policies and its fun office environment located in Pune. “Parkar has created a workplace of, by and for the employees. In a deviation from the monotone colors of most technology consulting workspaces, Parkar‘s vibrant office space radiates the work ethos, values and preferences of a young workforce,” says the company spokesperson.

From the sprawling lobby, to the 8th floor home of Parkar, the boutique technology consultancy is pulling all stops to break the stereotypical styles of conventional IT consulting workplaces. Spread over 15,631 sq. ft. the design, aesthetics and form reflect the philosophy behind Parkar’s brand name; derived from the words Paradigm (new way of doing things) and Karma (action). Parkar follows industry best practices in providing multiple benefits and facilities to its employees, and goes the extra mile. Aside from free pick-up and drop off, team lunches, an in-house library and flexible work times, they extend several other perks as a responsible employer of choice. Under its Cap Carbon Footprint initiative, Parkar purchases bicycles for employees who sign-up to commute to and from work on the two-wheelers. They have “zero tolerance for waste” and provide Parkar branded mugs to their staff instead of using paper cups. The office reinforces Parkar’s belief that serious work is not boring and that their evolved workspace allows fun to mingle with cutting-edge work.

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