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Fiber Industries Reduces Voice Costs by 35% with Avaya Cloud Solution

Textile Manufacturer Re-Opens Plant, Bringing Jobs to South Carolina


  • The manufacturer needed to build its technology infrastructure from the ground up.

  • Leadership and staff required mobility features to communicate anytime, anywhere.

  • One IT staffer serves 130 employees.

Value Created

  • Fiber Industries saves at least 35 percent over the cost of an on-premise telephony system.

  • The cloud infrastructure lightens the load for the sole IT person.

  • Without voice hardware, the company can scale more flexibly as it grows.

  • Team members receive calls and messages, set up conferencing or use instant messaging anywhere.


  • Powered by Avaya IP Office™

  • Avaya IX™ Workplace

Textile Manufacturer Re-Opens Plant, Bringing Jobs to South Carolina

“Fiber Industries really had a family-oriented culture, which we’re trying to recreate,” says Andrew Rosenfeld, CEO and co-owner. “When we were interviewing, people were really engaged in the restart of the plant and wanted to be here. It’s unbelievable.”

The reopening represents a broader trend that industry observers detect of manufacturing returning to U.S. shores as markets become more favorable for domestic sourcing.

“The global cost structure has shifted,” Rosenfeld says. “Factors such as labor costs, environmental-stewardship demands in many countries, social responsibility and energy costs have helped drive the return of American manufacturing.”

The manufacturer will be producing a range of polyester staple fibers used for making apparel, material for furniture and automotive cushions, diapers and medical products.

If I run my plant more efficiently with technology, we can operate more efficiently—giving us an advantage.

Flexible, Reliable Communications for Less Cost

While the owners set out to restore the workforce and culture, Fiber Industries is also stitching together an entirely new technology infrastructure with a focus on efficiency. The owners reached out for help to Telanet, an Avaya partner, to serve as its outsourced information technology team.

For voice communications, Telanet recommended Powered by Avaya IP Office™ in the Cloud for its track record of reliability, ease of use and fit with the company’s budget.

“Powered by Avaya IP Office™ is really the perfect fit for what we need – reliable, affordable and as user-friendly as possible,” Rosenfeld says. “And with a cloud system, we don’t need to maintain any hardware.”

In fact, the cloud infrastructure saves Fiber Industries over 35 percent of the total cost of an on-premise telephony system and delivers enterprise-class functions such has conferencing, voicemail-to-email, and integration with mobile devices.

For data security in the cloud, Powered by Avaya IP Office™ comes with built-in signaling and media encryption for endpoints and unified communications (UC) clients help preserve privacy and data integrity.

Flexible, Reliable Communications for Less Cost

A Competitive Advantage

With Powered by Avaya IP Office™, team members have access to the same communications capabilities whether they are in the office or not. Using the Avaya IX™ Workplace application on their mobile devices or laptops, they can receive calls and messages, set up conferencing or use instant messaging anywhere.

With the ability to route calls automatically to their cell phones, executives and managers never miss an important call and only need to give out one number. They also take advantage of voicemail to email, allowing them to reduce the time spent reviewing messages.

The company’s sole in-house IT professional – who serves 130 employees – easily configures the system as needed. For more advanced needs, Fiber Industries turns to Telanet.

“We love the Telanet team,” Rosenfeld says. “They keep everything running seamlessly and execute in a timely and consistent manner.”

As Fiber Industries grows, the cloud solution will keep costs down and the team productive.

“If I run my plant more efficiently with technology, we can operate more efficiently – giving us an advantage,” Rosenfeld says.

A Competitive Advantage

About Fiber Industries

A privately-held company, Fiber Industries produces polyester staple fibers for a range of industries. Its mission is to deliver the highest quality products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations at the lowest operational cost.

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