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Avaya’s IP Office Solution Helps Make Vacation Planning A Breeze For Dimensiones Club’s Clients

Dimensiones Club
Dimensiones Club


  • Offer a highly specialized service

  • Avoid missing calls

  • Guarantee uninterrupted service

Value Created

  • Personalized call center with automated call distribution

  • Real-time management of all incoming calls

  • Optimally scaled equipment

Dimensiones Club is a tour operator that specializes in long-distance journeys. Every year, over 3,000 customers turn to their agents to help create a unique experience at the numerous destinations offered, and the IP Office Contact Center solution provides a high-quality, personalized experience.

With the average vacation budget of €2,300 per person, and top destination hot spots currently Japan, the USA and Thailand, a customized vacation planning experience is crucial for tour operators. This tour operator, which has peak season from January to May, is gearing up for gross sales of approximately €100,000 per day. They have agreements with more than 4,500 smaller travel agents throughout Spain that they collaborate with to offer customized vacation packages.

For Dimensiones Club, the best sales tool is the telephone. In the words of CEO Julio González, “When a couple spends approximately €5,600 on a trip, they expect excellent customer service. The majority of deals take an average of 3 or 5 calls before the sale is completed, as we have to look for flights and contact resort specialists.” Although there is the option to buy a standardized package holiday, “at Dimensiones Club, it’s always possible to extend or personalize a trip.”

Since it began, the Dimensiones Club team has needed an intelligent switchboard, one that can handle more than 300 calls per day. “We knew about Avaya and for us, it was a no-brainer. We couldn’t afford to miss a single call, so we went for the safest option. It wasn’t just about saving money, we wanted efficiency and reliability too,” Julio affirms.

We knew about Avaya and for us, it was a no-brainer.

IP Office Contact Center

The solution installed by business partner Infocom was the Avaya IP OfficeTM Contact Center, a platform that’s ideal for small and medium sized businesses that need the functionality of a multichannel contact center. With IP Office Contact Center it’s possible to integrate web chat, voice, and email channels, allowing for proactive management of the entire customer service cycle.

Julio González is thrilled with the benefits the new solution has provided his company, “We can now monitor the number of calls in real time, receive vital call reports, accurately scale our team to avoid missing calls, and efficiently manage periods of increased call volumes. It’s a fantastic feeling”.

The incoming calls are distributed by continent, and the agents are assigned according to their skill level and/or area of expertise (America, Asia, the Pacific and Africa). “Each agent averages sales of over a million euros per year, so it’s vital that our service is uninterrupted, with as few slip-ups as possible”.

“Now that we’ve made the change we have completely stopped using telephones, we just work with PCs. This saves desk space, and we’re a much more comfortable at work”.

Dimensiones Club is expanding and moving offices, and will once again call upon Avaya for help. “We are very, very satisfied with the products and solutions and we have absolutely no plans to change. The possibilities they offer far exceed our needs”.

We can now monitor the number of calls in real time, receive vital call reports, accurately scale our team to avoid missing calls, and efficiently manage periods of increased call volumes. It’s a fantastic feeling.

About Dimensiones Club de Viajes 

Dimensiones Club is a long-distance Tour Operator with more than 20 years of experience, backed by a team of professionals. They’ve been at the forefront of travel planning for decades, finding new destinations in Asia, America, Africa and the Pacific. 

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