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Bürosysteme Petric Boosts Customer Satisfaction and New Business With Avaya Communications Solution

Bürosysteme Petric
Bürosysteme Petric


  • Provide employees with uninterrupted, simplified and error-resistant workflows

  • Give customers access to competent contacts at all times

  • Accelerate and improve in-house communication

  • Install a future-proof complete solution at a reasonable cost

  • Generate more customer satisfaction, new business, sales and profit

Value Created

  • Savings on travel and communications costs

  • Time saved on travel and for processing orders

  • Better service quality and 100% customer satisfaction

  • Competitive advantage through improved external image and professional workflows

  • Intuitive operation, scalability and future-proofness of the collaboration platform

  • Greater customer loyalty, growth of new business, sales and profit

Employees and Management Welcome Reduced Workload, and Time and Cost Savings

Bürosysteme Petric offers intelligent office solutions for print and document processing in companies of every size. More than 1,500 customers rely on the only Xerox Platinum Partner in Austria.

Bürosysteme Petric’s portfolio extends beyond the sale of products. The Graz-based company’s service spectrum ranges from consultancy and choosing suitable hardware and software to dedicated on-premises assistance. Frequent telephone contact with internal and external partners plays a crucial role in the company’s success. In order to continue meeting the growing requirements of customers and projects, Bürosysteme Petric needed an ultra-efficient and customer-friendly helpdesk.

“To date, calls had always been taken directly by staff in the Contracts department,” says Stefan Petric, owner and managing director of Bürosysteme Petric GmbH. “Recently, however, we found we were hardly able to process jobs properly in the order in which they were received, owing to the constantly increasing number of customers and inquiries. We therefore needed an efficient solution that would automatically take calls, log all the relevant data, and refer queries on to the competent customer advisor.”

It was hoped that the new helpdesk would allow customers to reach the company at all times. A failsafe, scalable system was needed. Another key point for Stefan Petric was sound advice on the choice of suitable technology, competent project-handling and comprehensive support before, during and after installation.

“As a mid-sized company, investment in a modern telecommunications system has to pay for itself quickly and reliably,” Stefan Petric explains. “That is why we looked for scalable and affordable technology that would ideally support us in our planned growth over a long period, and whose operation would not put a major burden on the company. Avaya IP Office proved to be the ideal platform.”

The decision to choose Avaya IP Office was absolutely the right one.

24/7 Customer Contact with Avaya

Bürosysteme Petric needed a communications solution that would receive and pass on news and customer queries at all times. The aim here was to improve the quality of customer service, while also boosting employee productivity. It was furthermore intended that the users of the new system would see it as labor-saving and a source of motivation.

Bürosysteme Petric has already worked well and closely for years with its system partner Business Kommunikations GmbH has been an Avaya Business Partner for over 10 years and has comprehensive knowledge and experience of Avaya’s innovative communications technology. After analyzing the requirements, was able to recommend powerful, coordinated hardware and software components: Avaya IP Office 500 V2 Preferred Edition, the Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3549GTS-PWR+, IP Terminals 9608G, a matching VM Ware Server, and complementary components and features proved to be the ideal combination. Bürosysteme Petric followed this recommendation and in August 2016 contracted with the delivery and installation of the system.

“Over the years, has effectively supported our successful corporate development. We trust our partner’s expert advice, its up-to-date know-how, and its untiring commitment. In addition, we did not only wish to identify the most powerful technology available on the market, it was also important for us to have perfect support now and in the future for the installation and configuration, as well as during operation. With Avaya IP Office, fulfilled and exceeded our expectations,” Stefan Petric emphasizes.

Thanks to the smooth working relationship between Bürosysteme Petric and, the new Avaya IP Office collaboration platform was installed within the shortest possible period of time and within budget. Bürosysteme Petric provided an internal VM Ware Server for the Voicemail Pro application for messaging and call-transferring with the Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition. In order to replace the existing telecommunications system and launch the new system without causing any disruption for the customer advisors, Avaya IP Office was installed parallel to the old telecoms system. Porting to SIP trunks was effected in a narrow window of time outside office hours. This procedure, and the improvements achieved in terms of workflow and quality, won over both the users at Bürosysteme Petric and the company’s customers.

“In installing Avaya IP Office, both the manufacturer and have once again justified our trust in them. We were comprehensively and objectively advised before we made our purchase decision. Cooperation between everybody involved in the installation and configuration was exemplary. We were given excellent support, received training and updates, and are working together on upgrading the system. The technical and personal interaction between manufacturer, implementation partner and us, as the customer, could not have been better,” says Stefan Petric.

Bürosysteme Petric

Numerous Benefits

For Petric Bürosysteme, the new collaboration platform represents a number of major improvements.

Employee travel times and costs have been reduced by up to 30%. Queries and orders can now be processed remotely compared with previously when the relevant staff had to make long journeys. There has been a corresponding reduction in response time by customer advisors and customer waiting times. These benefits, and the fact that no queries can be missed with the new solution, significantly boosted customer satisfaction.

Potential and existing clients also now benefit from even better service quality. Technically knowledgeable contacts can be reached at virtually any time. Orders of every size can be processed quickly, thoroughly and correctly.

At the same time, Bürosysteme Petric employees appreciate the intuitive operation of the Avaya collaboration platform. They can access the system anytime and anywhere, including with mobile end devices. It allows them to save time thanks to simplified workflows, and provides them with failsafe, virtually error-free automated communication. The Bürosysteme Petric employees thus accentuate their company’s high level of professionalism, generating a clear competitive edge. As a result, Bürosysteme Petric expects even greater customer loyalty and a significant increase in new business during the current year and in the years to come.

As a result, Bürosysteme Petric expects even greater customer loyalty and a significant increase in new business during the current year and in the years to come. Owing to Avaya IP Office’s affordable cost structure, the savings achieved, and its diverse benefits, Bürosysteme Petric forecasts that the investment will have paid for itself within a period of 6 to at most 12 months.

As a mid-sized company, investment in a modern telecommunications system has to pay for itself quickly and reliably. Avaya IP Office proved to be the ideal platform.

Customers Love Avaya

Stefan Petric sums up: “The decision to choose Avaya IP Office was absolutely the right one. Not only do we benefit from immediate cost savings, we have also significantly improved our external image, productivity, and customer service. My feeling is that we have now achieved a customer satisfaction level of 100%. That is an enormous boost for our sales success and for the company as a whole. The Avaya solution has played a key role in this development.”

About Bürosysteme Petric GmbH

Bürosysteme Petric GmbH operates as a strategic IT partner to its customers. With a comprehensive product portfolio, managed print services, innovative software solutions, and its unique customer service, it offers tailor-made support in the area of document printing and management for companies of every size. As Austria’s only Xerox Platinum Partner, Bürosysteme Petric looks after more than 2,800 machines with over 1,500 customers. The company’s customers appreciate its flexibility and efficient, target-oriented approach, thus allowing Bürosysteme Petric to grow continuously.

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