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Arclad, Performance That Brings Confidence


Products and Solutions

The Avaya integrated communications solutions includes, among others:

  • IP Office located in the administrative headquarters in the city of Medellín is the core of Unified Communications, and provides the services of Telephony, Presence, Instant Messaging, Recording, Intelligent Call Routing, Call Center Services and Web Conferencing
  • J129 devices and 9608G devices

Punctuality and respect are part of Arclad’s corporate values, a company that has been serving the graphic arts sector for 39 years, focusing on the development and manufacturing of self-adhesive materials for the Andes, Central America and South American regions.

That is why having an integrated communications solution, to allow a better and closer relationship with its customers, was a corporate goal. Thanks to a solution provided by Avaya, the goal has been attained.

Javier Ariza, Director of Information Technology and Communications at Arclad, states: “Five years ago, we decided to investigate several communications platforms. We saw that Avaya was the technology we could trust to be where we were going in the future.”

With a physical infrastructure consisting of two production plants, administrative offices, warehouses and 440 employees, a Unified Communications (UC) solution was needed that would provide performance and confidence. As Ariza states, “Before this platform we had open-source telephony. We were compelled to make the change due to the growth that the company has experienced. With the previous solution, we had limited support, the quality of communications was not the best and sometimes it even failed altogether. We did not have some benefits such as mobility or mailboxes for end users.”

Today, Arclad has a modern UC solution. “This solution allows us to strengthen the relationship we have with our customers, and UC becomes for them one of the means of communication par excellence, since it gives them closeness to the company's employees.” he says.

An integrated communications solution that also services the internal client at a time when we must all be connected, communications have become a major factor in success.

“The platform allows us to expand according to needs, so we are already planning for mobility, we move calls from the extension to the cell phone, and in the future, we hope to integrate telephony to other collaborative solutions such as web conferencing,” explains Arclad ICT Director.

This solution allows us to strengthen the degree of confidence we have with our customers, and for them, IP telephony becomes one of the means of communication par excellence.

The strategic business ally

Although Arclad has been using the Avaya platform for five years, at the end of 2017 the company decided to change its supplier and opt for Walter Bridge, a 100% Colombian Avaya business partner, with more than 50 years of experience in the design, implementation, support and management of communications solutions.

“One of the deciding factors in choosing Walter Bridge was the need to have a good after-sales service, not only on a commercial level but on a technical one. For us, it is fundamental that both parties are integrated, and this is what we have found,” adds Ariza.

For Ariza, there are always adjustments that must be made during a project, and that’s where technical support is crucial.


Benefits of the change

Javier Ariza, ICT director of the company tells us, “With the previous provider, we had different brand phones, but with the new design all our phones are now Avaya. There are J129 devices for users with a basic profile and there are 9608G devices for users with a high profile. Both deliver a better user experience with greater functionality”.

In terms of technology, performance is one of the fundamental values, since an unstable platform causes companies to incur unexpected costs in terms of economic and service impacts. By providing redundancy at both its main locations, the survivability and uptime of the solution is practically guaranteed.

In accordance with Ariza, Arclad the reliability and availability of the overall solution is measured in the overall rating of the company's management indicators. “That's why when the performance of the platform meets its objective, we know we are providing the best level of service,” he says.

One of the factors that led us to choose Walter Bridge as a provider was the need to have a good after-sales service, not just on a commercial level, but also on a technical one.


About ARclad

C.I ARclad S.A, based in Colombia, was founded in 1980 and currently has two production plants in Rionegro, Antioquia; and Cartagena, Bolívar. It is a company focusing on the development and manufacturing of self-adhesive materials used in the graphics art sector for making labels and vinyls for graphic communication. It serves the segments of Flexography, Lithography, Screen Printing and Digital Printing in large format, and its materials are used for identifying products for various sectors, such as food, personal care, industrial, automotive, pharmaceutical, school, security, textiles, cosmetics, hygiene, cleaning and restrooms.

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