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Avaya Collaboration Unit CU360

Instantly turn any space into a dynamic collaboration experience using the world’s first all-in-one huddle room solution.

Avaya Collaboration Unit CU360

Avaya Huddle Camera HC020

High-quality USB camera purpose-built for personal office rooms and small huddle rooms (<5 people).

Avaya Huddle Camera HC020

Avaya Huddle Camera HC050

High-quality USB camera designed for medium to large rooms (<15 people). 

Avaya Huddle Camera HC050

Avaya One Cable Connect Hub

Avaya OCC Hub brings everything together into one convenient kit transforming any office to a small videoconferencing room.

Avaya One Cable Connect Hub

Huddle Room

(*)NOTE: Huddle Room Kit is based on HC020/HC050 + OCC hub
Device Fact Sheet
USB Connect to Laptop
Self-Contained All-in-One Unit
Full HD Live Video Support
>100⁰ Diagonal Field of View
Remote Control
Remote with Full Keyboard
Touch Screen Support
Wi-Fi Connectivity
NFC (easy Bluetooth® pairing)
Meeting Recording
Run and Share Apps
Avaya SIP Platform Support
Avaya One Cable Connect Hub Support
Speaker Tracking
Optical Zoom
Support 3rd party cloud Apps
Non-Avaya Platform Support
Huddle Room
HC020 (*)
HC050 (*)

Huddle Room

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Huddle Rooms Device Comparison

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Instantly Connect Your Video Room to Your Avaya Spaces Meeting

Use Avaya Spaces with the Avaya Collaboration Unit to turn any TV or video display in your home or office into a video room. Easy to set up, easy to use, easy on the budget. And one touch on your mobile, laptop, or calendar instantly adds your video room to your Avaya Spaces meeting.

Meet Avaya Spaces


Over 80% of network traffic will be video by 2022


Huddle room meetings will represent 70% of all video conference meetings by 2022 

No. 1

Employees say the No. 1 challenge of working remotely is inefficient communications and collaboration

Huddle Room Videos

Defining Moments—The Sales Pitch Huddle

Feeling out of sync with too many moving parts? Get the team together and get everyone on track.

Defining Moments—The Quick Fix Huddle

Deadline looming, and a sudden problem arises. It takes everyone connecting to find a fast fix.

Avaya Spaces Keeps You Connected with Stakeholders

Connect with people on an emotional level with “face to face” meetings everywhere.

Avaya Spaces Keeps You Connected Across Distances

When travel’s not an option, bring people in remote locations all together.

Avaya Spaces Keeps You Connected with Family

In rehabilitation, being surrounded by family and friends is a vital part of recovery.

Key Benefits

Smart Collaboration Made Simple

Smart Collaboration Made Simple

The simple startup and usability of our Huddle Room solutions, along with exceptional audio and video quality, encourage employees to engage in full collaboration rather than just using voice for meetings.

Frictionless Video Collaboration, Anywhere

Frictionless Video Collaboration, Anywhere

From large conference rooms to portable huddle rooms, from desktops to mobile devices, small, distributed teams can collaborate anywhere with the right solution for the right environment.

Save Even More with Interoperability

Save Even More with Interoperability

Our open, integrated Huddle Room solutions can be leveraged with any existing UC or video investments. Save costs while optimizing efficiency by letting small, distributed teams collaborate using the tools and apps of their choice.

Avaya Collaboration Unit Featured on Tech TV Show

The Avaya CU360 is game-changing video conferencing technology. This video from New Delhi Television Limited shows its key features, including easy setup, multiple connectivity options, and clear and seamless video and audio.

Avaya Collaboration Unit: A TMC 2019 Communications Solutions Product of the Year

TMS says our open, all-in-one, next-gen huddle room video conferencing solution is a “truly innovative product.” It’s easy hi-tech for your conferencing spaces.











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