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Case Study

Allo Taxi Commands Growing Market Share with Focus On Customer Experience

Our customers want a reliable, efficient and personal service, Avaya helps us to deliver that every day.

Challenges faced

Allo Transport had an aging telephony system which had limited functionality routing inbound customer calls quickly and efficiently. Call quality was inconsistent, and options for monitoring and reporting were limited. Allo was dissatisfied with its ability to accurately assess the overall quality of service being provided.


  • More efficiency required when dealing with inbound customer calls

  • Effective monitoring and reporting tools were lacking

  • Poor quality of incoming calls

Value Created

  • Seamless interface with the customer, creating a positive experience

  • The option to extend across offices due to the flexibility and mobility of the solution

  • Fulfilling the vision/strategy of the business, using Avaya’s technology

  • Extensive features and functionality

  • Ease of use and management

  • Customer service expectations exceeded

Allo Taxi

Customer Experience was Paramount

After evaluating IP phone systems from various suppliers, including Mitel and Avaya, Allo Transport chose Avaya’s IP Office Platform and contact centre solution.

“Avaya’s solutions are widely used and well-respected,” comments Raja Kurban, Managing Director at Allo Transport. “We felt they were the best fit for our business.”

The Allo Transport team felt that the Avaya IP Office Platform offered scalability, flexibility and versatility. Support for a range of devices, including analogue, digital and IP-based, was attractive. The platform can be deployed in high availability configurations and is simple to programme. Avaya’s IP Office contact centre solution provides a valuable live reporting facility with detailed information on contact centre performance.

Allo Taxi

Excellent results

“The biggest benefit of Avaya’s technology is the flexibility and reliability of the system,” observes Kurban.

“Since the Avaya telephony and contact centre solution has been implemented, we have been able to make huge inroads to our service,” he remarks. “We have come to rely on Avaya’s technology solutions to optimise our customer service.”

“It’s enabled us to retain a big market share in transport services across Lebanon.”

Avaya IP Office easily and affordably scales as Allo Transport’s communications needs change, easily expanding to 3,000 users, at a single site or up to 150 locations.

The contact centre technology has helped Allo Transport route calls more intelligently to improve first contact resolution, and has greatly contributed to strong customer satisfaction among Allo’s client base.

With screen pop-up call history on every customer, the contact centre efficiently manages incoming taxi bookings and enquiries. Based on the information from the caller, the contact centre staff will locate the nearest taxi drivers on the map to arrange a quick and efficient service to their clients.

Allo Taxi

We have come to rely on Avaya’s technology solutions to optimise our customer service.

Raja Kurban

Managing Director, Allo Transport

Intelligent reporting

The focus for Allo Transport has always been on delivering excellent customer service. The evidence indicates that the strategy is working. Clients are asked for feedback on their whole experience, from initial enquiry to the transportation itself. The integration of the telephony system and the contact centre solution enables Allo Transport to continuously measure and improve their service. With more customers getting the service they need the first time, the all-important client journey continues on an upward trend in terms of satisfaction.

Staying ahead of the competition

Allo Transport are always looking enhance and improve their communications, and are considering a mobility solution in the future.

Jean Najm, Head of Technical/Voice and Unified Communications at Tetracom, commented: “Tetracom is always there for Allo Transport to ensure that the Avaya technology is delivered within the parameters of their SLAs. Avaya’s IP Office and contact centre solutions meet and exceed their requirements, with thorough reporting, monitoring and data analysis.”

It’s all about the customer

Avaya has helped to facilitate better communications for Allo Transport, providing better call quality, monitoring and data analytics.

“Our customers want a reliable, efficient and personal service,” says Kurban. “Avaya helps us to deliver that every day.”

About Allo Transport

Allo Transport aims to be the ‘go-to provider’ of ground transportation in Lebanon. Its high quality service has successfully allowed Allo Transport to create and grow a loyal customer base.

‘Allo Taxi’, the original service, launched its operations in 1999 with just 10 cars. Today, they have over 500 vehicles and their call centre operates around the clock. On a daily basis, they receive over 1,500 calls, execute around 2,000 taxi dispatches and move up to 6,000 people. Allo Transport is very well-known brand in Beirut and around all regions of Lebanon; they even ventured into Syria and Jordan, prior to the war.

Allo Transport now has a 30-40% share of the transportation market in Lebanon – which is growing year on year - focused on the leisure, business (including airport pickups and drop offs) and tourism markets.

‘Allo Taxi’ has a wide variety of executive cars, as well as full-size, comfortable vans that can seat between seven and 11 people. 4x4 vehicles also operate in the taxi fleet for mountain destinations.

‘Allo Driver’ complements the ‘Allo Taxi’ services, consisting of a fleet of black cars with private drivers that take passengers to their desired destination. The business also provides ‘Allo Bus’ services, with a fleet of brand new buses to transport groups to their desired destinations around Lebanon.


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