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September 21, 2022

The Shift to Intelligent Video Conferencing


Roger Wallman

Sr. Manager, UC Solutions Marketing

Aragon recently published The Aragon Research Globe™ for Intelligent Video Conferencing, 2022 and according to the report, video conferencing has emerged as the single most important part of a communications and collaboration platform and is a de facto standard way to conduct meetings in a hybrid workplace.1

Aragon has also noted that a shift to intelligent video platforms has been coming for several years, declaring a change in the market2 and the name of the corresponding industry report, now The Aragon Research Globe for Intelligent Video Conferencing.

Video conferencing is becoming more immersive with the shift to intelligence. Enhanced by real-time AI, it’s moving beyond the commonly known benefits and delivering more engaging meeting and presentation experiences — all without complex production apps or participants needing the latest, most powerful mobile devices or laptops.

  • AI noise removal continually learns and separates speech from noise so all that is heard is a person’s voice in noisy places like airports, busy offices, or distracting home environments.
  • Low-resolution video streams are upscaled to HD via AI, doubling the original resolution, which is especially effective when meeting participants have low upstream bandwidth.
  • Speaker videos are overlaid on presented content for more immersive, engaging presentations, trainings, and meetings.
  • Remote panel discussions appear as though all presenters are in the same room with the presentation projected behind them, simulating an in-person presentation, and eliminating distracting presenter backgrounds.
  • Virtualized meeting environments simulate classrooms, auditoriums, offices, or company briefing rooms; and can even apply company branding on-the-fly.
  • Meeting participant images are scaled to size via AI, so when replicating a classroom or an auditorium, people appear their proper size whether they’re up front or in the back.

Intelligent video conferencing solutions have become even more powerful with the ability to apply these capabilities together in use cases that go beyond simply silencing barking dogs. Envision four presenters in different locations, on mobile devices, with low bandwidth, in noisy locations, and in environments with distracting backgrounds. Intelligent video conferencing can make all four of these remote presenters appear to be physically in the same location, with their live videos overlaid on the presentation, and talking clearly without disruptive noises.

The Aragon Research Globe is a market evaluation tool that graphically depicts Aragon’s evaluation of a market and its vendors. For this report, Aragon examined 20 major providers looking at the overlapping categories of video conferencing and unified communications and collaboration. Vendors are analyzed on three dimensions — strategy, performance, and reach. “Leaders” are noted as having comprehensive strategies that align with industry direction and market demand and perform effectively against those strategies.

Avaya has been identified as a Leader in The Aragon Research Globe for Intelligent Video Conferencing, 2022. Avaya solutions help empower businesses with flexible, always-on, continuous collaboration providing exceptional experiences for hybrid work. The intelligent video capabilities noted are available for Avaya OneCloud™ users within a browser — with no download or plug-in required — or on a mobile app.

View the full report, The Aragon Research Globe™️ for Intelligent Video Conferencing, 2022.

1 Aragon Research. The Aragon Research Globe for Intelligent Video Conferencing, 2022 by Jim Lundy. July 2022

2 Aragon Research. The Shift to Intelligent Video Platforms, 2022 by Jim Lundy and Betsy Burton.

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