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February 06, 2023

How Avaya Experience Platform Accelerates Exceptional Customer Experiences

How Avaya Experience Platform Accelerates Exceptional Customer Experiences

Diane Otto

Sr. Marketing Manager, Customer Experience Solutions

When it comes to customer service, the experience has overtaken product and price as a driver for almost every decision we make.

One great example is how we shop today. We select the item we want, easily compare prices online, and use real-time inventory insights to see which stores have it in stock. We expect fast, reliable service no matter the device we’re using. We expect information to be accurate. And if we need additional support, we want quick and easy options, whether it’s via a chatbot, self-service, or talking to a real person. If the overall experience isn’t great, we have competitive offers right at our fingertips.

For organizations to compete in this Experience Economy, the customer experience needs to feel connected and personalized, every time. Getting it right matters more than ever before.

With Avaya Experience Platform, you can make the cloud contact experience effortless for your customers and your employees. Running on Microsoft Azure, our cloud-powered solution works across voice and digital channels to connect all touchpoints throughout the customer journey — voice, email, messaging, chat, social, and more. See how combining Avaya’s award-winning contact center solution with Microsoft Azure’s scalability makes it easy for organizations to deliver effortless and personalized customer experiences. 

You’ll stay a step ahead of every interaction with predictive, proactive customer insights. You can work confidently knowing that customers are automatically being matched with the right agents, and that those agents have the exact support and resources they need to succeed. Workforce engagement helps to ensure your agents are providing quality interactions each time, every time.  And this is just scratching the surface on delivering the total experience.

Avaya communications solutions better connect customers and employees throughout the entire journey, effortlessly and consistently, through whatever digital or voice channels they choose. Here, we’ll look at messaging, email, and more.

Messaging Enhancements That Power Richer, More Meaningful Conversations

Customer expectations are high for connected conversations, no matter the channel. Not all conversations are completed in a single session, however, or across a single channel. Customers may become interrupted and need to carry on with their daily lives and resume later.

Avaya Experience Platform allows for simple messaging integration into a company's website and communications applications to provide that always-on connection at any time. We also support rich media to go even further than just text-based interactions to include actions such as form filling, buy now offers, or choices from a selection of items, which can help customers better navigate their journey.

With Avaya Experience Platform, adding messaging to mobile apps and websites has never been easier. Embedded software development kits (SDKs) for iOS, Android, and web let you bring customers and employees together in new ways — while speeding dev time and reducing costs.

Our out-of-the-box messaging capabilities let you:  

  • Manage call queues with automation, web chat menus, and attribute-based routing. The latter combines situational contexts (such as location, weather, time, day) with customer data (demographics, device preference, contact details, purchase history, etc.), and agent attributes (skills, experience, location, language, gender, etc.) to match the customer to the right resource.
  • Empower agents with in-the-moment context using an intuitive desktop with interaction cards and customer journey maps. This widget-type architecture allows for easy customization.
  • Monitor interactions with messaging transcripts, supervisor chat capabilities, and persistent conversation histories across web and in-app experiences.
  • Give your customers a modern, personalized experience throughout their journey, connected by messaging, voice, or other channels they choose.

Automated, Personalized Email that Simplifies and Speeds Customer Interactions

When it comes to communicating with businesses, email remains the most popular channel for customer interaction. Avaya Experience Platform email management capabilities let you personalize every response, without having to increase the number of agents on staff. An intuitive, composable desktop blends voice and digital interactions to provide contextual information in a single, consolidated view saving time and effort for employees and your customers.

Experience the greater efficiencies of email automation:

  • No wasted time. Emails are sent to the right people based on keyword rules in the subject and body content.
  • Customers have greater confidence when they receive an auto-acknowledgement letting them know they are important to you. And various templates can provide suggested responses to shorten agent reply time. 
  • Agents can also handle multiple interactions simultaneously and receive data from multiple sources, including CRM and business systems.
  • Built-in tools like real-time dashboards and visual customer journey maps help speed productivity and enhance the experience.

A Powerful Management Interface for Reporting and Analytics

Every great customer and employee experience is dependent on accurate and accessible information. With Avaya Experience Platform, you can monitor, measure, and improve customer experience and employee performance with the ability to view historical and real-time reporting in a unified desktop.

Applications for orchestration, automation, workstream, and analytics provide a single, consistent administration experience, with persona-based logins for a range of roles.

As the sole management interface, the Avaya Experience Platform Application Center includes:

  • Administration that provides the end-to-end configuration for your entire contact center so you can manage accounts and business rules, configure digital channels and their respective routing, and determine resources such as reason codes and timetables for actions.
  • Orchestration that enables you to configure and manage workflows intuitively, without having to rely on IT. Workflows can be created from scratch, imported from your computer, or selected from a recent workflow — and then saved, exported, and deployed.
  • Workstream Automation that lets you create flows for automation, treatment, and survey scenarios based on collected data from each engagement, bringing context to help determine next steps and track customer journeys.
  • Analytics with tools to capture and measure contact center performance and operations, including interactive dashboards, dossiers, scorecards, formatted reports, ad-hoc queries, thresholds and alerts, and automated report distribution. 

Avaya Experience Platform has the capabilities to help you improve every experience — from intuitive messaging and automated email management to a unified admin interface. And we’ve just scratched the surface. Its open, API architecture lets you easily customize and integrate the solution into your existing infrastructure.

Be sure to check out more capabilities of Avaya Experience Platform solutions through our video demo series.

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