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  • Introduction

    Introducing the Avaya Flare™ Experience on the Avaya Desktop Video Device.
    It gives you all the benefits of real-time office collaboration anywhere in the world, anytime and virtually any way you want. Built around the way you work, the intuitive touch screen interface is simple to use. Share documents and data on HD video or voice calls. Access your enterprise contacts. Tap into contextual history. You can also email. Instant message. Browse the web. Even use your favorite Android apps. You're about to experience a revolution in business collaboration. Avaya. Technology that puts people first.

  • Voice Call Management

    Voice call management with the Avaya Desktop Video Device makes business collaboration easier than ever. Just scroll through your contacts and select whom you want to call. The icons on the contact card show if the person is available for a voice call, video call, IM or email. To place a call, simply touch the phone icon.

    Steve: Hi Jen. Good morning. Jen: Good morning. Steve: I have another call. Hey, can you hold on a second, please? Jen: Okay.

    If another call comes in, you can swap calls by selecting the incoming call.

    Steve: Hey Dan Jen: Hi Steve. Do you have time to go over the presentation, quickly?

    If a third call comes in and you don't want to be interrupted, you can send the call directly to voice mail. Managing communications and collaboration is easier and more productive than ever. Avaya. Technology that puts people first.

  • Video Conferencing

    Video conferencing with the Avaya Flare™ Experience lets you assemble your team right in front of you no matter where you—or they—are. To get started, scroll through your contacts and select the person you want to call. When you're ready, touch the video icon to start the conference. If you want to include more people in the meeting, touch and drag team members until the whole team is together.

    Steve: Hi Jen Jen: Hey, thanks for putting the presentation together. Looks great. Steve: Hi Kevin, we're going through the presentation with Jen. Kevin: Can we pull in Dan, too? I think we had some updates to the document. Steve: Yeah, sure. Let me pull him in. Steve: Hey Dan. Dan: Hey Steve, the presentation looks great. I haev a few suggestions.

    Video conferencing like you've never experienced it before. Intuitive. Productive. Breakthrough. Avaya. Technology that puts people first.

  • Voice Conferencing and IM

    The Avaya Flare™ Experience makes voice conferences simple and productive. Scroll through your contacts until you find the people you want to conference in. Touch and drag to assemble your team. If you need to separate the call into two groups, just slide the callers out of the original conference. To check in with progress on the conversations, you can move back and forth between the groups. You can even rejoin the groups. To hold offline conversations, team members can simply touch the IM icon and instant message each other. Now you can collaborate the way you want to. Avaya. Technology that puts people first.

  • Applications

    The Avaya Desktop Video Device runs on the Android software platform, which expands the experience to include your favorite standard Android applications. Touch an icon to launch an application. Network with colleagues. Get directions to a meeting. Or read industry news. Communicate and collaborate anywhere, anytime and any way you want. Avaya. Technology that puts people first.

  • History

    With the Avaya Flare™ Experience, you can keep track of all of your correspondences to keep projects moving forward. If you need to pick up the thread of a conversation where you left off, or just want to refresh your memory of a previous chat, launch the history application. Pick the contact you're looking for and Avaya Flare opens that person's history card. Your entire correspondence history with that person automatically appears—with each entry sorted conveniently by date. Voice and video call records, emails, IMs and social media exchanges are all archived and quickly accessed. Tap the email icon to find an important document. Tap the Facebook icon to see a previous exchange. Or read through an IM chat you had a couple weeks ago. All your information, all in one place. It's the smart way to collaborate. Avaya. Technology that puts people first.

  • Screenshare

    The Avaya Flare™ Experience makes meetings more productive by letting you share documents with team members on a video call. Once you've assembled your team members by moving them into the spotlight, you're ready to share a document. Simply tap "screenshare" and the document will appear, visible to everyone on the call. You can begin walking your team through your presentation. When you're finished sharing the document, close it, and the video discussion windows return to the front of the screen. Helping you make the most of video calls. Avaya. Technology that puts people first.