Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite

La solution de centre de contacts la plus utilisée au monde


Call Center Elite Multichannel Brochure

15 Jan 2013
Learn how you can quickly and easily add new channels (email, web chat, outbound, IM, etc.) to your Call Center Elite deployment.

Avaya Customer Experience Optimization Portfolio [PDF]

15 Oct 2012
Fine-tuning contact center performance for improved customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.

Avaya Call Center 5.0 Datasheet

10 May 2007
Provides an overview of the Avaya Call Center offers, including Basic, Deluxe and Elite with Business Advocate.


Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite Multichannel Demonstration [7:44]

10 Nov 2013
Adding new channels to your contact center is simple and seamless with Elite Multichannel.

Avaya one-X® Agent [7:51]

21 Oct 2013
This demo highlights Avaya one-X Agent, a softphone that gives contact center agents the tools they need to be more productive whether they’re working in a headquarters location, in a branch office or home office.

Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite [6:32]

11 Oct 2013
Avaya Aura Call Center Elite now includes patented, predictive Business Advocate as an entitlement. This demo helps show why Call Center Elite is the right choice for your contact center needs.

Customer Experience Optimization [PDF]

27 Oct 2011
Businesses that deliver excellent customer experiences have a distinct competitive advantage over ones that don't. Which do you have, and how do you know? Find out with Customer Experience Optimization solutions from Avaya.

Fiches d'information

Avaya One Touch Video Fact Sheet [PDF]

16 Aug 2012
A video and collaboration solution for enterprise, remote, Internet-based, and mobile users.

Livres blancs

Homeshoring with Home Agents [PDF]

14 Jun 2012
This eBook presents thought leadership as to how you can take customer experience management to the next level.

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