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The Value of Avaya Global Support Services

04 Dec 2013
Get direct access to Avaya product information, sophisticated support tools and processes, and knowledgeable and experienced technical experts. To save you time and resources, we focus on problem prevention, rapid resolution, and optimization.

Avaya Dedicated Technician Service [PDF]

10 Jun 2013
 Avaya Dedicated Technician Service provides a certified expert who is trained and managed by Avaya but reports directly to you and works at your location to maintain your vital communications solutions — whether it’s unified communications, contact centers or data networking solutions.

Avaya Global Support Services 2013 Client Satisfaction Report [PDF]

29 May 2013
In this report Avaya shares the results of recent client satisfaction surveys. During 2012 and 2013, Avaya has listened carefully to customer input and has responded with important refinements to our support organization, resources, and technologies.

Avaya Support Website [PDF]

06 Mar 2013
The Avaya Support Website uses advanced technology and best practices in user design to revolutionize how you experience support for Avaya products, including multimedia support via Web Chat, Web Talk and Web Video.

Avaya Move, Add & Change (MAC) Services [PDF]

23 Jan 2013
Avaya MAC Services are available to you whenever short term support or a finite skill set is needed to resolve a specific situation in your communications environment. Whether you need support for a negotiated period of time on a predetermined schedule, on demand, or based on a contracted term, Avaya has the tools and expertise to meet your needs. MAC Services are comprised of move, add, change, and delete activity for software, hardware, or a network component and are available to both Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and Enterprise Communications Group (ECG) customers.

Client Service Manager brochure [PDF]

10 Dec 2012
Avaya Client Service Manager provides comprehensive service management delivering reliable support and peace of mind with an Avaya advocate serving as an extension of your team.

Support Advantage Preferred Support brochure

31 May 2011
This brochure highlights the additional value that a customer receives when they elect the Support Advantage Preferred offer.

Fiches d'information

Avaya Diagnostic Server [PDF]

07 May 2014
Remote, fast and simple issue resolution is possible thanks to Avaya Diagnostic Server with SLA Mon™ technology. As the evolution of Avaya’s trusted Secure Access Link (SAL) Gateway, Avaya Diagnostic Server goes beyond secure remote access and alarming to provide your organization with sophisticated remote IP Phone diagnostics and unprecedented network visibility and control. Using patented technologies with smart agents embedded in Avaya solutions, Avaya Diagnostic Server provides historical network analysis to empower you to proactively solve network issues faster than ever before, which can lead to fewer escalations, and finger pointing within your IT department. Included in the Avaya Support Advantage Preferred option, Avaya Diagnostic Server enables you to work in parallel with Avaya support via customer controlled tools providing secure remote access, advanced endpoint diagnostics and network monitoring at no additional licensing cost.

Avaya Services [PDF]

25 Sep 2013
Avaya Client Services is an award-winning organization committed to delivering outstanding value by enabling the Power of We for our clients and doing what works best for them. We support all types of client environments with our innovative service technologies and solution experts working together to deliver smooth client experiences.

Secure Access Link - Fact Sheet [PDF]

13 Jun 2012
This fact sheet will help you to position the many benefits associated with implementing Secure Access Link (SAL) into your cusotmer's environment.

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22 Jun 2015
Un environnement d'engagement mobile adapté permet d'accroître plus facilement la productivité de votre équipe, quel que soit l'endroit d'où elle travaille. Ce livre électronique explique le simplicité de la mise en œuvre de cette solution.

Veuillez remplir le formulaire ci-dessous pour télécharger notre livre électronique, Un engagement transparent auprès des moyennes entreprises.

7 Communications trends for 2014 - driving service needs [PDF]

23 Dec 2013
For the fifth year, Avaya polls leading thinkers for observations on the year ahead in information and communications technology. Here are seven trends for 2014 on how IT departments provide services, and how those services are acquired and deployed.

Simplify and Accelerate Complex Problem Resolution with Advanced Diagnostics [PDF]

01 Oct 2013
The transformation taking place today in enterprise communications networks requires a corresponding change in how they are supported and maintained. Explore to find out what, why and how a new generation of diagnostic tools will simplify and accelerate problem resolution.

Quantifying the Value of Remote Maintenance White Paper

10 May 2007
Avaya Global Services helps to ensure optimal communications solution performance through a wide array of maintenance services and managed options that provide unparalleled availability for critical systems.


Maximize the Value of Your Solution with Support Advantage [5:02]

10 Nov 2013
Our trained services experts and advanced diagnostics combine in Avaya Support Advantage, delivering the 24x7 technical support you need to prevent outages, resolve issues quickly, and optimize your network.

Site Web du support Avaya [3:39]

12 Oct 2013
Découvrez pourquoi le site Web d'assistance d'Avaya est le moyen le plus rapide pour vous d'obtenir un soutien. Explorez nos capacités sur l'état de l'art, y compris la Base de connaissances Avaya, Ava (l'agent virtuel Avaya), Chat, Web Talk et Web Vidéo de communiquer rapidement avec les agents vivants.

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