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Valrhona chose Avaya to Optimize Customer Service

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  • To implement interaction between telephony and the Valrhona CRM tool to increase the quality of customer service.

Value Created

  • Improvement in the quality of service offered to customers

  • Workflow Management

  • Ergonomics, productivity and ease of use

  • Cost savings

  • Specific development

  • An a la carte solution

Valrhona and its service provider, Tims Systèmes, have been working on a large-scale project to optimize customer service. The challenge was to have a customized solution to facilitate the interconnection of CRM Salesforce with the Avaya telephony platform, thereby enabling the company to offer better service to its customers.

Valrhona, with headquarters in Tain l’Hermitage, close to Lyon, France, has an 800 person strong workforce and a customer service department of approximately 30 dedicated agents, who aim to provide personalized and rapid responses to clients all over the world. In order to respond to the growing demands of clients, Valrhona wanted a solution which would increase service quality by optimizing interaction between the telephony platform and its Salesforce application.

Faced with a telephony system that had become obsolete and could not respond to new needs, the innovative Avaya IP Office system was proposed in hosted mode to Valrhona which is the basis of the global solution.

Valrhona chocolate is used by thousands of chocolatiers, patissiers and bakers across the globe.

To respond to Valrhona’s specific needs for the contact center, Tims Systèmes recommended expanding the scope of the upgrade with an Avaya Contact Center Select solution.

Also, to respond to the need for interaction with its CRM Salesforce application and its SAP production tool, a specific CTI connector was created which allows Valrhona to provide optimal customer service.

The choice of the Avaya Contact Center Select system has proven to be the most relevant choice given the development of the CTI connector, which offered the most open application.

We can profit from new functionalities in order to provide a better service to our clients.

This connector was developed using modern technology, to meet the specific demands of Valrhona, as well as other client needs.

This solution facilitates the following:

  • Multi-lingual functioning

  • The log and withdrawal of agents

  • Answering or directly transferring incoming calls

  • Management of the incoming call waiting queue with customer code

  • Linking a call with objects: account/contact, etc.

  • Logging of calls

  • Filtering by geographic zone

  • Management of missed calls

  • Routing according to the client typology

  • Vocal guidance for client welcome (IRS)

  • Visualization of the number of people answering calls

  • Visualization of the duration of the conversation as well as the client account number

  • Distribution of traffic between agents

  • Being able to see the number of calls handled per day

  • “Call me back” function

About Valrhona

Valrhona was founded in 1922. Valrhona chocolate is used by thousands of chocolatiers, patissiers and bakers across the globe. Valrhona relies on long-term co-development relations with artisan chefs and plantation workers. The professional clients of Valrhona are faithful customers. 800 employees are based in Tain l’Hermitage, the headquarters of Valrhona.

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