Venkatesh (Venky) Krishnaswamy

Director, IP Communications Research

My Research

My research is aimed at communications technologies, protocols and infrastructure elements that enable the transformation from telephony to rich communications applications for the enterprise. Protocols such as SIP and XML along with relatively new communications primitives such as multi-modality, presence and distributed infrastructure frameworks represent the ‘toolkit’ for these applications. Much of my research consists of experiments with this toolkit that straddle the applications and infrastructure layers, driven by ideas rooted both in individual or group creativity as well as a continuous feedback loop with customers and other industry players.

A key principle that guides my research is that such experiments should be designed or shaped at the very outset to illuminate a well-defined customer or marketplace value proposition. This way, insights or technologies from these experiments are more likely to drive compelling product or offer innovations.


Projects I have led have focused on the following broad areas: novel user experiences for enterprise communications; next generation communications frameworks for customer service; and distributed communications infrastructures for multi-site corporations. In the area of communications user experience, the goal is to experiment with holistic end-to-end communications services and associated user interfaces designed to meet the contemporary needs of demanding corporate workers. The experiments are aimed at exploiting the synergies between multi-modal IP-enabled devices and intelligent network-based services interacting over flexible IP-based signaling frameworks.


Work in the area of customer service frameworks is motivated by the observation that SIP-and-XML based networks enable context information (for example, information about a customer and their transactions or information about the work pending for a customer service agent) to flow freely across the elements of the infrastructure such as servers and applications. This enables the design of services that are more sophisticated and responsive to customers, enabling corporations to offer superior customer services.

In the area of distributed multi-site infrastructures, the emphasis is on designing efficient ways of virtualizing communications services across geographical as well as administrative domain boundaries. In particular, the goal is to discover and invoke services on demand enabling end-users to leverage capabilities and applications across the entire corporate communications network, regardless of location.


My recent publications and public speaking engagements have primarily focused on the impact of SIP on various aspects of enterprise communications. I serve in the technical committee of the annual International SIP Conference and have presented regularly at this conference over the past few years. Recent talks have highlighted topics such as End-To-End SIP communications for the enterprise, peer-to-peer SIP implementations, and Presence and IM deployments for Enterprise. I have also presented on these topics at industry forums such as the SIP Summit at N+I and Next-Generation Networks.

Over my research career, I have authored several papers in areas such as Computer Architecture, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Multimedia and IP-based Telecommunications. I am the author of six granted US and international patents and have also authored several other pending patent applications in the areas of IP-communications devices, services and applications.

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