Valentine Matula

Director, Multimedia Technologies Research

My Research

In the last few years, the availability of powerful computers and multimedia consumer devices such as rack-mount blade processors, smartphones and tablet PC’s have made it possible to put multimedia technology in the enterprise wherever it can be justified.  The research of our department is focused on combining dialog and speech technology, acoustics, video, messaging, and graphics in a way that helps businesses take advantage of these technologies to improve their efficiency and effectiveness—thus giving them a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.


Video phones have been offered to the market on and off again for decades.  Making a video call and seeing a far-away person during a call adds to the experience particularly when you have a relationship with that person—as a family member, as a trusted teller at a bank, or as your private attorney.  Our research has focused on how to make this simple using Flash and HTML5, and integrate it seamlessly into the larger enterprise.

Speech search is possible using search queries created by skilled people—our research is seeking to automate speech search for both contact center quality metrics and for sue with conference calls, personal life recorders, and open internet media. Social media today is communications mainly between people or simple automated response systems that provide stock quotes, flight status, or targeted coupons. Our research is focused on using natural language processing to support more complex interactions in the social media space. Acoustic design and technology touches our lives every day when we use a phone, work in our office, or hold a conference call. Our research is focused on how to improve audio quality, provide privacy where desired and improve the efficiency of everyday communications encounters.



A  paper on NLCR was published as Improved LSI-Based Natural Language Call Routing Using Speech Recognition Confidence Scores, N. Tyson, V. Matula, EMNLP ’04.  This paper was then expanded into a chapter in a book to be published, “Intelligent Systems at the Service of Mankind, Volume 2, again with N. Tyson.

I currently have 20 patents granted over my career with AT&T, Lucent, and Avaya.  They address a wide range of topics, including controlling toll-free/800 service to load balance incoming calls to multiple contact center locations, video customer service, social media interactions, including aspects of location and travel, and speech and natural language processing. In addition, I have numerous applications in process to the USPTO—you can see the ones made public by searching on

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