Avaya is committed to developing a desirable place to work for our employees worldwide and creating a culture of Futuremakers that are ready to meet today’s challenges.


Only a highly qualified team can meet the challenges of our business world. At Avaya we are building a community of Futuremakers who:

  •     Want to create the future versus learning about it
  •     Think big and bold, and take informed risks
  •     Understand the diverse global marketplace
  •     Make fact-based decisions in the best interest of the customer
  •     Respond with agility to competitive market conditions
  •     Achieve cross-organizational effectiveness, and know the strength of The Power Of We
  •     Take strong ownership and personal accountability

We have a strong global culture at Avaya, of which we are very proud. It is easy to do great work when diversity, risk taking and innovative thinking are applauded.

Avaya is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Diversity and the equal opportunity it affords is a fundamental part of our Avaya values.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Employee Benefits

Avaya Culture


Operating with Integrity

 Operating with Integrity is the title of the Avaya worldwide code of ethics and business conduct. All directors, officers and employees at Avaya are responsible for understanding this document and adhering to its guidelines. Operating with Integrity addresses our dealings with customers, suppliers and agents, potential conflicts of interest, workplace behavior, proprietary information and other critical topics that affect us as a corporate citizen.

The conduct of Avaya directors, officers and employees while representing our company is of the highest importance and, accordingly, they must operate with impeccable standards of legal compliance, ethics and integrity. These standards, never compromised, help guide us through the complex and challenging business situations we confront daily and enable our success by building trust in our actions in the marketplace. Avaya employees are trained on these standards and the requirements are actively reinforced by supervisors and managers.

Avaya Code of Conduct

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