70% of calls to contact centers are made from mobile phones


71% of smartphone users send at least one text per day


Nearly 55% of U.S. households are mobile phone only

Key Benefits

Enhance Connections

Enhance Connections

Now you can identify mobile callers before they reach your contact center and deliver a tailored experience. Gathering verified mobile caller information up front also increases operational efficiencies.

Better Customer Experience

Better Customer Experience

Identify mobile callers and move them to a web experience for fast access to the information they need. You’ll cut wait times, reduce toll-free costs, and free agents to focus on higher-value activities.

More Secure Transactions

More Secure Transactions

Increase security and transparency with encryption that validates the caller. Our Identity as a Service application is fully encrypted using blockchain technology.

Product Information

Mobile Experience

  • Provide faster access to information and answers
  • Reduce toll costs and number of agents
  • Better utilize high value agents
  • Reduce wait times
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Benefits of Avaya Mobile Experience


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Avaya Mobile Experience

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IT 백서

Avaya Mobile Experience

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