Shalini Yajnik

Research Scientist

My Research

My current research focus is in the area of cloud computing and improving user-experience within enterprises by building efficiency into existing e-conference systems.  In addition, I am also exploring how augmented virtuality can be utilized by enterprises for enhancing customer service.


One of the projects that I have been working on, called COSA, relates to providing services to small and medium sized enterprise customers through a hybrid cloud model. This model allows a service provider to provide high quality basic services through on-premises equipment and additional enhanced services through the cloud.

Another project that I have been working on aims to build a dynamic e-conference system by integrating agendas into conferences. Additionally, I'm engaged in a project that aims to integrate real and virtual worlds to provide enhanced user-experience to enterprise customers through augmented virtuality.


I have published numerous papers in conferences and journals in the areas of wireless networking, dependability, virtualization and cloud-computing. I have been granted 16 patents and have about 25 patents that are currently pending. Some of my recent publications are about evaluating and improving the performance and dependability of real-time applications (like media) under virtualized environments.

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