John Palframan

Research Scientist

My Research

I interact with product development groups to identify the good development practices they use. I help improve software productivity and quality in projects by promoting these good practices, organizing conferences among software developers, and making project development metrics available.


  • Goal Oriented Software Development Project Assessments
  • Project Metrics and Dashboards
  • Organization of Avaya R&D Software Symposiums
  • State of Software in Avaya Reports
  • Avaya R&D Demographics
  • Identifying and Promoting Good Software Development Practices


Antony Rybczynski, John Palframan, “A Common X.25 Interface to Public Data Networks”, Computer Networks 4: 97-110 (1980).

A.M. Rybczynksi, J.D. Palframan and A. Thomas, Design of the Datapac X.75 Internetworking Capability, ICCC '80, Atlanta, October 1980.

John Palframan, Greg Yates, “Reliable Interprocess Communications in a Distributed Network”, International Conference on Computer Communications, (1982).

Randy Hackbarth, Audris Mockus, John Palframan, D.M. Weiss, Assessing the State of Software in a Large Enterprise, Empirical Software Engineering 15: 219-249 (2010)

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