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Stability and Availability: Avaya’s differentials as a global Teleperformance ally

Teleperformance CS
Teleperformance CS

Teleperformance Colombia enjoys accelerated growth year after year. Maintaining that growth rate in an industry as thriving and competitive as that of ‘Contact Center & BPO’ requires leveraging highly reliable and scalable technologies in different geographies. Avaya OneCloud Subscription has been a winning model for Teleperformance, as it has sustained the success of this company while it grows rapidly, as demanded by today’s market.


Because each interaction counts, Teleperformance—a French multinational company with a presence in more than 80 countries, including Colombia— has leveraged itself in state-of-the-art technologies to stand out in the market and always be at the forefront of customer service.

For Teleperformance, the leadership and relevant position it holds in the global ‘Contact Center & BPO’ industry is the result of offering the most agile, tailor-made solutions that provide omnichannel service, for which it is essential to have more digital workplaces, where employees and customers are connected in a stable and safe manner and from anywhere.

Although the relationship between Avaya and Teleperformance Colombia goes back more than 25 years, Avaya’s Solution Ecosystem has been supporting the global operations of the French multinational company for even longer.

Best Quality Experiences

The stability and availability of the Avaya One Cloud Subscription model have been fundamental so that Teleperformance operations can grow and expand based on market requirement.

“The first challenge that the Teleperformance platform faced was to provide an experience of the highest possible quality to global customers, no matter where the contacts with end customers originated (who call our ‘Contact Center’) and Avaya has set a standard in this regard,” says Carlos Carrizosa, vice-president of Teleperformance Technology.

It should be noted that voice-level interactions, as well as the technological architectures on which they are supported, require high availability and reliability, taking into account that these are calls that are usually made from one country to another and, therefore, cannot tolerate failures or “delays” (delays or interferences) in communication.

The flexibility of Avaya’s subscription model allows us to rely on that flexibility of its ‘stock’ of solutions to acquire them as we need them and adapt them to our customers in the shortest time possible, giving us the opportunity to grow at the same pace as the market.

—Carlos Carrizosa, Vice President of Teleperformance Technology

This was precisely the initial challenge that the integration of Avaya technology for Contact Centers was able to satisfactorily fulfill in its relationship with Teleperformance, in addition to providing the multinational with tools that facilitate the analysis of interactions and better ways to present the reporting of calls; differential factors that allowed Avaya—at first—to become a global Teleperformance partner.

However, the possibilities of the Avaya ecosystem go much further and Teleperformance—sooner than later—knew how to take advantage of them.

Faced with sustained growth, scalable models

According to the vice president of Teleperformance Technology, “with the entry of Avaya Subscription, we were provided with a subscription model where Teleperformance only begins to use the licenses (or services) it needs for its business. From a flexibility point of view, this is clearly a great advantage.''

In the same vein, aware of the large technological investments required by this type of operations, Avaya Subscription optimizes costs by operating under a pure Opex model, that is, only operational expenses where one pays only for what is used.

This AI-based technology reduces waiting times and increases the dynamism of the Client— Organization interaction.

—David Bahamón Rojas, Avaya Account Manager at Teleperformance

Avaya drives the growth of its customers

Avaya has been more than a technological ally for Teleperformance Colombia. The worldwide renown of its solution Ecosystem, the highly recognized stability of its platforms and brand support has become a decisive factor in allowing its customers to expand their services and close businesses with other companies.

As a sign of this, this year, Teleperformance Colombia began working for a virtual travel agency—with presence throughout Latin America— which required an agile and robust voice service platform that would allow it to attend to the large number of interactions it was registering.

“This virtual travel agency developed its own voice care platform in the past, which, as it is so localized, could not be scalable over time. Therefore, when this company began to grow exponentially, they sought a strategic partner to leverage them at that very important time for them,” says the Vice President of Teleperformance Technology.

Based on the close relationship and trust that Teleperformance had built with Avaya, the multinational did not hesitate to propose Avaya’s technology for Contact Centers as the ideal solution to receive that great voice traffic that was recording the operations of the travel agency in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

In this regard, Carlos Carrizosa asserts that “Teleperformance presented a technological innovation platform that employed Avaya’s tools not only in audio response issues, but also evidenced very short implementation times. It thus provided the possibility of analyzing all types of data from interactions so that, in this way, the agency could make decisions regarding its marketing and advertising campaigns. Our proposal, supported by Avaya technology, was the winner.''

Mass migration of the workplace of thousands of employees of Teleperformance Colombia represented a complete milestone for the Contact Center & BPO sector of Latin America and the world.

Artificial Intelligence and its added value

In Artificial Intelligence (AI), Teleperformance has found the greatest value for its operations, as it allows us to understand what the customer is saying in natural and real-time language, analyze it and respond with the next best action, thus expanding the possibilities of the self-service model, evolving it from guided navigation, based on fixed rules, to an open conversation that really seeks to resolve the concern that generated the interaction in the first place.

The above is based on the integration of Avaya and Google Cloud technology to provide Avaya AI Virtual Agent, a solution that allows Teleperformance to offer natural language recognition to its customers, thus increasing the level of automation of its Contact Center.

Precisely, the joint collaboration between Avaya and Google Cloud helps organizations to more effectively manage the volume of incoming queries that continues to increase.

In turn, it makes it possible to better analyze the information of each of these interactions and make them more and more self- managed and then, from there, to generate other functionalities such as intelligent voice self-service, where the person calling the ‘Contact Center’ is assisted by automated agents.

David Bahamón Rojas, an Avaya account manager at Teleperformance, explains that “this AI-based technology reduces waiting times and increases the dynamism of Customer- Organization interaction, since as it is a model of open rules and machine learning, it solves requirements with a higher level of complexity more and more efficiently, which typically require the intervention of a human being”

New normal, no trauma

The flexibility and availability of the Avaya solution for remote Contact Center agents—its greatest differentials—are allowing close to 30,000 Teleperformance Colombia service agents (out of a total of 170,000 employees worldwide) to work from their homes, taking into account the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Precisely, mass migration of the workplace of thousands of Teleperformance Colombia employees (which required the deployment of Avaya’s ‘softphone’ to unlink the physical location of the advisor and the contact center) represented an entire milestone for the ‘Contact Center & BPO’ sector of Latin America and the world.

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About Teleperformance Colombia

Teleperformance has 28 sites or service centers in Colombia and more than 30,000 employees in its offices in Bogota, Medellín, Barranquilla and Tunja, cities where it serves more than fifty Colombian companies in the health, transport, energy, food, services, entertainment sectors, among others; as well as European and American multinationals.

Today, the company stands out for the provision of customer service, which significantly boosts one of the strategic sectors for the growth of the country’s economy in the medium and long term. The experience and leadership of Teleperformance allows this company to take into account the particular needs of each of its customers and to offer robust operations with quality in B2B, B2C or mixed markets. More information at

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