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Employee Recognition Firm Invests in Superior Customer Experience

Benefits: Increased Productivity, Improved Customer Service
Topics: Customer Service, Multi-channel, Team Efficiency

Michael C. Fina Recognition-Rewarding Customer Experiences 3:17

Avaya solutions help customers succeed in more than a million locations worldwide.

"The administration, through a graphic interface from Avaya Fabric, was much easier to handle than those from other suppliers. For these reasons, along with the level of quality and service, we decided to go with Avaya.”

Sergio A. Otero Nariño

Telecoms Engineer

“Avaya brings a strong organization behind their network equipment, and does a really good job backing their partners to do the work that needs to be done.”

Matt Boyd

IT Manager

"Our daily activity which involves financial transactions over the phone, forces us to meet strict security measures and legal requirements to ensure data processing and the secure flow of information.”

Miquel Reig

IT Director


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