Key Benefits

Enhance Connections

Enhance Connections

Deliver a tailored experience, starting with identifying mobile callers before they reach your contact center. Capture mobile caller information like caller name, phone number, and billing zip code. Preserve context throughout the customer journey.

Better Customer Experience

Better Customer Experience

Let mobile callers route to your self-service web application for faster access to the information they need. You’ll cut wait times, reduce toll-free and agent costs, improve agent efficiency, and offer your customers a streamlined digital experience.

More Secure Transactions

More Secure Transactions

Next-generation, smartphone-based biometric identification solution that reduces fraud risks while enhancing customer experience. Use voice and facial recognition technology to deliver accurate customer identification.


70% of calls to contact centers are made from mobile phones  


71% of smartphone users send at least one text per day


Nearly 55% of U.S. households are mobile phone only

Service Information

Mobile Experience

  • Provide faster access to information and answers
  • Reduce toll costs and number of agents
  • Better utilize high value agents
  • Decrease wait times
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Mobile Identity

  • Be a leader in digital identity protection
  • Strengthen mobile caller authentication
  • Improve agent productivity
  • Blockchain-enabled
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ACS Technologies Lifts Support with Avaya Digital and Avaya Mobile Experience

Learn how ACS Technologies addressed the needs of their mobile customers with Avaya Mobile Experience® and Avaya IX™ Digital.

ACS Technologies Lifts Support with Avaya Digital and Avaya Mobile Experience



Avaya Mobile Identity (AMI)

Strengthen Mobile Caller Authentication and Reduce Fraud Risks with Accurate, Fast Identification

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