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Canadian Data Privacy

See how Avaya's privacy and security practices help Canadian customers comply with Canadian privacy laws.

Avaya delivers leading-edge technology solutions that enhance privacy, as well as cloud solutions that deliver both security and privacy.

Canada Privacy Law

Canada has federal and regional privacy laws in place, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and its provincial counterparts.

Each of these laws regulates the collection, use and disclosure of individuals’ personal information (i.e., any information about an identifiable individual).

How Avaya Helps Customers Meet Their Obligations

Avaya has worked on several areas to enable customers to be compliant when relying on Avaya solutions. Here are the most relevant:

Contractual Commitment to Privacy – Data Processing Addendum

Avaya’s Global Data Processing Addendum is offered to customers globally. This document fulfils legal requirements under Canadian privacy laws and gives Avaya customers the necessary contractual rights to be in control of the personal information (or “Personal Data”) entrusted to Avaya for processing.

Security of Processing

Data security is a top priority for Avaya, just as it is for Avaya customers. Avaya has implemented administrative, technical, and physical security measures to protect personal information.

Avaya also has a Data Breach Incident Response Team (DBIRT) that provides leadership in the event of a data breach. This cross-functional team’s specific purpose is to efficiently and effectively respond to data breaches to minimize their impact on Avaya or third parties, including Avaya’s customers.

Data Protection by Design and Default

Avaya’s portfolio of on premises and cloud-based solutions have embedded technology features that enable its customers to meet privacy by design and default requirements. Furthermore, Avaya is here to advise on your individual settings and to work with your team to make sure you can use our solutions in the most privacy-enhancing ways.

An overview of privacy-related security controls and available methods of access and handling of various types of Personal Data within Avaya products, as well as instructions on how to locate the Product Privacy Statements for such Avaya branded products in the portfolio are available on our Privacy Within Our Products page.

Assistance in Fulfilment Data Subject’s Rights

Avaya employs appropriate technical and organizational measures (including privacy features embedded within Avaya solutions) to help customers subject to Canadian privacy laws fulfill their response obligations related to data subject requests.

Further Information

For more information, please review:

If you have questions about Avaya or need support for your Personal Data handling activities, contact your local Avaya representative or reach out directly to Avaya’s Global Privacy Office at

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