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Avaya ensures the security of our assets and of the data we handle on customers’ behalf by complying with laws, regulations, policies, and customer commitments. 

Compliance Status of Avaya Services


Name of Service



Avaya Enterprise Cloud* – (Avaya US1/2 Data Centers)

Avaya Enterprise Cloud* –(Microsoft Azure)

Avaya Spaces*



Video Consultant*


Avaya Experience Platform*

Avaya Managed Services**


*Service provided by Avaya Cloud Inc.

**Service provided by Avaya LLC from the Avaya Managed Services Platform secure container.

The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act is a United States of America federal law that applies only to Avaya Cloud Services Inc. (USA) as provider of US-based Avaya cloud services or Avaya LLC (USA) as provider of US-based Avaya Managed Services.     

To get an Avaya HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, click here:

Avaya provides PCI DSS Attestations of Compliance to Customers who are purchasing or have already purchased a compliant Service. Please contact your responsible Avaya salesperson to obtain an AoC.

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