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CCPA and Avaya

Avaya gives necessary rights to our customers so they can be in a control of personal information they entrust to Avaya for processing.

What is CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requires certain companies to disclose their personal information handling practices. It also gives California residents new rights, such as the right to know what personal information companies handle, to delete personal information, and to opt out of the sale of personal information.

How CCPA Applies to Avaya

Avaya is a service provider under the CCPA when we handle California consumer information on behalf of our business customers. Although our business customers are primarily responsible for complying with most CCPA obligations, Avaya is committed to the privacy and security of the personal information we handle. We are also committed to helping our customers comply with the CCPA through leading-edge technology and cloud solutions that enhance privacy and deliver security.

How Avaya Helps Customers Comply With CCPA

Avaya has taken many steps to enable its customers to be CCPA-compliant when relying on Avaya solutions:

Contractual Commitment to Privacy—Data Processing Addendum

The Avaya Data Processing Addendum (DPA) is embedded in our agreements, where appropriate. For more information on what is covered under the Avaya DPA, please visit our Data Processing Addendum page.


Data security is a top priority for Avaya, just as it is for Avaya customers. Avaya has highly skilled professionals to help secure data, whether related to Avaya remote maintenance solutions, our cloud offerings, or to any other solutions where Avaya processes data.

Data Protection by Design and Default 

Avaya’s portfolio of on premises and cloud-based solutions have embedded technology features that enable customers to meet privacy by design and default requirements. Furthermore, Avaya is here to advise on your individual settings and to work with your team to make sure you can use our solutions in the most privacy-enhancing ways.

Assistance With Fulfilling Consumer Rights Requests

Avaya provides appropriate technical and organizational measures (including privacy features embedded within Avaya solutions) to help our customers fulfill consumer CCPA requests.

Avaya’s Policy on Selling Personal Information to Third Parties

Avaya does not sell Personal Information about consumers under the CCPA.

Further Information

If you have any questions about Avaya and CCPA or need support for your personal information handling activities, contact your local Avaya representative or reach out to Avaya’s Global Privacy Office.

Revised March 2023
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