Avaya Aura® Communication Manager

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Server Compatibility

Communication Manager 6.X operates on:

  • Avaya Common Server portfolio
  • S8800 Server in duplex or simplex mode with G650 Media Gateways in an IP connected port network environment with G250, G350, G450, IG550 and/or G700 Media Gateways
  • S8510 Server (with a migration kit to add memory) with G650, G700, G350, G450, IG550 and/or G250 Media Gateways in new sales. CMC1, SCC1, and MCC1 Media Gateways in migrations are also supported, except in a mix of IP connected and directly connected port networks.
  • S8300D Server configured with G250, G350, G450, IG550 and/or G700 Media Gateways.


  • Up to 36,000 users on the Avaya Common Servers, S8800 and S8510 servers.  Up to 2,400 users on the Avaya Aura Solution for Midsize Enterprise.  Up to 1,000 on the S8300D server.
  • Number of Trunks:
    • ACS - 24,000
    • S8800 Server - 24,000
    • S8510 Server – 24,000
    • S8300D Server – 4,000

Número de gateways soportados de multimedia G250, G350, G450, G700 y IG550

  • Avaya Common Server - 250
  • S8800 Server - 250
  • S8510 Server - 250
  • S8300D Server - 50

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