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June 12, 2023

Avaya Continues to Deliver Journey to Cloud for On-Premises Customers

Avaya Delivers Cloud CX with a Continued Commitment to On-Premises Customers

Diane Otto

Sr. Marketing Manager, Customer Experience Solutions

The cloud has been dominating the technology landscape for years, promising efficiency, scalability, and accessibility. Some vendors are now aggressively pushing a cloud-only approach, with little regard for the unique needs and preferences of their customers, who are now faced with a difficult decision: move to the cloud or be left behind. Vendors are ending support for on-premises solutions, offering deep discounts on cloud-based solutions, making upgrades and maintenance of on-premises systems a lot more difficult, and delivering new features and innovation exclusively through their cloud-based offerings.

Customers Want Freedom of Choice

Not all businesses are ready to make the leap to a full cloud migration, and despite the growing popularity of cloud-based solutions, many businesses still have a strong demand for premise-based options. According to Ventana Research, on-premises analytics and data deployment is preferred by 39% of organizations, indicating that it remains a viable and popular option.

On-Premise Customer Experience Is Important to Many

Are on-premises solutions really a thing of the past? In recent years, cloud-based contact center solutions have dominated the conversation, and many organizations have made the switch. However, on-premises solutions are still very much alive and continue to be preferred by some customers. While it's true that cloud-based solutions offer flexibility and ease of deployment, customers often say their on-premises solution provides business-critical benefits like:

  • Flexibility and tailoring needs -  Personalized configurations and options to meet unique needs, resulting in a more efficient and effective system that can be deployed on its own schedule and scaled up or down as required.
  • More privacy, security, and control over data -  Isolated databases or data pools, a single tenant on non-shared infrastructure, and complete control over where data is stored and who has access to it.
  • Investment protection -  Maintain  current capital investment in software, hardware, and services.
  • Operations - Familiarity with operations, systems, and processes can help employees, IT admins and end user, to reduce or even eliminate disruption.

When a Customer Experience–or CX–vendor overlooks these critical customer priorities, they not only fail to meet the unique needs and preferences of their customers but also express a lack of concern towards their customers' requirements, particularly in industries that are heavily regulated, like financial services, government, healthcare, and many others.

Add Cloud Capabilities to On-Premises Systems

Modern APIs make it easier than ever to integrate premise-based communications and contact centers with other applications and systems. By leveraging communications APIs, organizations can connect their premise-based solutions with CRM systems, marketing automation tools, ERP systems, and analytics tools in a more streamlined and flexible way. APIs offer more options for how the integration can be done and can improve integration performance by reducing data transfer requirements and reducing integration costs by eliminating the need for custom development. APIs can also help to improve security by providing a more controlled connection.

With this ability to integrate with a variety of applications and systems, premises-based communications and contact center systems can be modernized and enhanced to deliver a better customer experience.  Recently, Metrigy found that despite plans to keep core platforms on-premises, advocates aren’t against using cloud-based applications where they make sense.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Avaya recognizes that every business has different needs and requirements, and that a one-size-fits-all approach is not always the best option. We offer a range of flexible deployment options, including on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid solutions. This allows organizations to choose what best fits their needs, creating a unique journey that makes sense for them, helping achieve their strategic goals, without feeling pressured into an all-in cloud-only migration.

Take for example, Avaya Aura -  a robust unified communications system - designed for large enterprises, with high availability, scalability, security, and reliability backed by a 99.999% uptime SLA. Avaya Aura Communication Manager is easily scalable, providing deployment flexibility and robust security features to protect data and systems. Avaya Call Center Elite is a full-featured call center that handles inbound and outbound contacts, all manageable with real-time and historical reporting insights, and enhances employee and customer experiences, driving higher satisfaction and loyalty.

For organizations interested in going to cloud (in full or part), they can choose Avaya Experience Platform - a future-proof cloud CX solution - to modernize their customer and employee experiences. If requirements call for dedicated cloud instance, Avaya Enterprise Cloud can also be a perfect fit.

With on-premises or hybrid cloud deployment options, Avaya communications solutions can handle millions of interactions per day, with real-time analytics and customer journey insights.

Avaya Gives You Choices

 The decision to move to the cloud can be and should be made on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the organization's unique needs and requirements. Everyone’s journey to their cloud is unique. Avaya's premise-based unified communications and contact center solutions are a great choice for businesses seeking a secure, flexible, and cost-effective solution  ̶̶  while also giving the ability to adopt cloud services that make sense to you when the time is right. Careful consideration of needs and requirements is crucial when making a decision, and with Avaya's support and expertise, organizations can make the right choice.

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