Avaya IP Phones J100 Series

Avaya IP Phones are modern, connected, and personalized. Transform the professional desktop experience with our industry-leading J100 desktop phones, including J129, J139, J159, J169, and J179.

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When it comes to getting digital transformation right, start at the desktop. Because research shows the one device your digital workers rely on most is the business desk phone. Even home workers prefer a dedicated business desktop device. Make the wrong choice, and it slows down your business and frustrates your people.

Make the right choice, and you can greatly accelerate your digital workplace with simplified and streamlined workflows. Let Avaya show you how. Our IP desk phones are based on years of experience analyzing how people really use communications. Putting the key features they need right at their fingertips, and elevating their communications experience with new capabilities.

Like calendar integration for one-touch meeting entry, wireless connectivity, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and desktop personalization. Capabilities that studies show dramatically improve employee satisfaction and productivity, and elevate customer service. And you can always trust Avaya to deliver the highest levels of security. Join the growing number of customers that are subscribing to Avaya devices.

Instead of paying upfront, start using them today for just a few dollars a month. Act now and get a special discount for trading in your existing phones, even if they're not Avaya phones. Whether they're in the office, or their home office, give your employees the latest communication capabilities, and accelerate your organization's digital transformation.

Go to avaya.com/findyourfit to match the right Avaya desk phone to your users and workspaces. And then contact Avaya or your Avaya representative to empower your employees and accelerate your business with Avaya desktop devices.