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Avaya, RapidSOS, and 911 Secure Introduce Public Safety Breakthrough: First Integrated Device Location Discovery Solution For Next Generation Emergency Services

NENA 2019 – Orlando, FL – June 12, 2019 – Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA) today announced unprecedented, life-saving device location discovery capabilities are now available to emergency first-responders through the integration between RapidSOS, 911 Secure and Avaya emergency response management solutions.

Avaya IX Workplace unified communications solutions for the enterprise can now deliver emergency data to public safety agencies through an integration with 911 Secure SENTRY™ and RapidSOS. Avaya continues to bring new innovation to this critical industry segment as part of its ongoing commitment and focus on public safety communications and collaboration.

In a multi-line telephone system environment, SENTRY™ already provides location for IP devices as well as on-site notification for Kari’s Law compliance. Utilizing the rich multimedia content available when a 911 call event occurs, in-office security has the situational awareness they need to manage the incident. Now, that identical information can be directly sent to 911 and public safety first responders as well. This enables dispatchers and first responders in the field to more accurately locate a caller’s precise location and gain access to critical situational awareness when calls are made from an Avaya communications system. The unique integration with RapidSOS provides precise, real-time location, floor-plans and other critical information that could save lives.

“In situations where every second counts, seamless communication and sharing of high-fidelity data can make the difference between life and death,” said Mark Fletcher, ENP and chief architect of worldwide public safety solutions, Avaya. “Everyone across the continuum of public safety needs real-time access to information and to each other to make certain each individual in distress receives optimal care. As the company that provides innovative ways for people to work and communicate from anywhere on any device, we are excited to partner with an innovator in emergency technology like RapidSOS to deliver a solution with advanced emergency calling capabilities to help ensure user safety wherever and however they are connected.”

“Additional information from the scene of an incident can make all the difference during an emergency,” said Jeff Robertson, senior vice president and general manager of public safety, RapidSOS. “Sophisticated data from Avaya displayed directly on the screens of 9-1-1 telecommunicators will enhance situational awareness for emergency services, providing safety and security for Avaya customers. We are excited to work with Avaya and their partners to put rich emergency data in the hands of first responders, leading to more efficient response and improved emergency outcomes.”

Across the country, 911 dispatchers in more than 6,100 emergency communications centers, or PSAPs are working with outdated technology that was created in the landline era and optimized for people who call 911 from a traditional landline, thus creating a significant communication gap in today’s emergency response process.

“When Avaya came to us and asked us to build a new module within SENTRY™ we jumped at the chance,” said Kevin Kito, CEO, 911 Secure. “Being able to improve the information that PSAP operators receive during a 911 call is why we started 911 Secure. We had all of our developers drop their current projects so they could all focus on getting this ready as soon as possible. We are proud to say it took less than a month to go from concept to fully working solution. The partnership with Avaya and RapidSOS were key factors in our team getting this developed so quickly. We are excited to see what information companies decide they want to put into the database as well as what information first responders want to see.”

Avaya IX Workplace with 911 Secure SENTRY™ utilizes new emergency data capabilities made available by the RapidSOS Clearinghouse, in use by over 3,000 public safety agencies nationwide. This new solution is the first to connect user-specific location information from a commercial network with 9-1-1 through the RapidSOS platform. The RapidSOS Clearinghouse is a secure source of advanced emergency data for public safety agencies, who are able to retrieve data in an emergency through RapidSOS