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September 20, 2023

Generative AI for Building Better Customer and Employee Experiences

Generative AI for Building Better Customer and Employee Experiences

Diane Otto

Sr. Marketing Manager, Customer Experience Solutions

Almost everyone today has heard of the term “Gen AI,” or Generative AI. It’s the hottest new topic being discussed everywhere, and that should include corporate boardrooms. Have you considered how your company can use Gen AI to enhance customer experience in the contact center?

A recent study found that two-thirds plan to use Gen AI to enhance customer service in the next three years, and 81% of companies have already established or implemented a Gen AI strategy. Gen AI is a goldmine of untapped potential that innovative organizations are exploring to set the new standard for customer experience.

Why is Gen AI the new frontier for customer experience, and how can you get started with Gen AI in your contact center to build relationships and improve experiences?

Gen AI in Layman’s Terms

The world of AI is complex and can seem confusing. Simply put, Gen AI is a type of Artificial Intelligence that can create new content based on a set of existing data.

Traditional AI analyzes data to recognize patterns and make decisions, recommendations or predictions based on that data. This AI is trained to follow specific rules and perform a given task intelligently. Gen AI is transformative in that it doesn’t just recognize patterns from data but learns from them to create entirely new content. It can create text outputs, images, music, and even computer code from information you give it.

What does this look like in the contact center? Consider a vast set of interaction data. Traditional AI will analyze this data and identify patterns that help managers improve things like customer engagement, cross-selling and upselling, and agent training. Gen AI, on the other hand, will learn from these patterns and create new value-added content based on them. Here are just a few examples: personalized, context-aware responses to digital interactions, FAQs based on top customer questions, and localized content in different supported languages.

Gen AI can also improve customer experiences in real time. For example, improving automated chat conversations with human-like responses by analyzing what the customer wrote and looking beyond what is available in the pre-configure dataset. Let’s say a customer needs to briefly step away from a conversation to answer their front door. They tell the bot, “Hold on, I’ll be right back.” Gen AI would analyze this and come back with a relevant response (“Sounds good; I’ll be here!”) versus an irrelevant pre-configured answer.

All of this means faster efficiency and greater customer satisfaction using less person-hours. It also means less call backs and agent escalations thanks to more thorough, contextual responses and self-service content, not to mention strengthened KPIs.

Understanding the Real Possibilities of Gen AI in Your Contact Center

Gen AI is still in its infancy, but its impact is being compared to the emergence of the internet, mobile, and cloud. What does Gen AI mean for your customer experience? How can your organization be on the cusp of this transformative technology? Avaya’s new white paper - Using Generative AI for Improving Customer Experience - covers the fundamentals of this new technology,  and why it’s the new standard for customer experience. We suggest five practical examples of Gen AI in the contact center for better customer experience.

You’ll also gain a better understanding of how Avaya Experience Platform – our comprehensive cloud platform – and Gen AI empowers organizations to build a dynamic and adaptable contact center ecosystem. The ability to personalize  capabilities allows you to tailor your customer experience to your desired outcomes.

Our white paper - Using Generative AI for Improving Customer Experience - is the perfect place to start the Gen AI conversation in your company. And we encourage you to contact Avaya’s AI experts to learn more about how we help organizations like yours create a sustainable Gen AI strategy.

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