Avaya Plays Key Role in the New York Mets Lineup

Hear from the New York Met's IT leaders as they describe the changes in Major League baseball operations and stadium technology. See how they're meeting high expectations from fans for seamless, rich communications experiences across every channel.

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I've been a baseball fan for my whole life. When I was younger, technology at a stadium was a transistor radio to listen to the broadcaster to understand what was going on in the game, aside from what you saw on the scoreboard. And I think that was the extent of technology back then.

My name is Tom Festa and I am the Vice President of Technology for the Mets organization. Which is located at Citi Field in Flushing, New York. Our fans have become much more savvy with technology. And we try to provide the best experience I think they require that now a days.


>> I've been with the Mets 11 years now. And I've seen a lot of change in my time here. My name is Eric Ramos and I'm the Senior Director of IT for the New York Mets. Of course the biggest change would be transitioning from Shea Stadium, our previous stadium that we played in through 2008, and then migrating to Citi Field in 2009.

Citi Field was very specifically built to accommodate the growing needs of technology and the infrastructure that was put in it to start. And planning out for the future. You know, we have trays of fiber-optic throughout the stadium, high definition wide-screen video boards and video ribbons. And then also the fans are bringing their own technology into the game.

So it's not just about what we're providing, it's about the technology that they're bringing in, that they expect to work.


Fans today using technology in the stadium by looking at stats on their phones, I'm trying to get to use social media up on the scoreboard.
>> Big data is definitely very important to us right now. We're now using our CRM system that's integrated into our telephony solution provided by Avaya.

Where it's providing instantaneous information as that call comes in. We know who's calling and information about that caller. Since we do host a variety of events here at Citi Field outside of baseball, it is important to understand our customer's likes and what they may be calling about. Maybe we have a set of customers that only call when there's concerts, maybe they're not baseball fans.

And then our other set of customers are baseball fans and concert fans of certain performers. Sure, the breadth of the Mets extends outside of Citi Field. Our two primary locations would be our spring training facility in Port St. Lucie, Florida, and then our minor league team, the Brooklyn Cyclones, in Brooklyn.

Communication between each of the sites is essential. Up time and redundancy is important between Citi Field and our remote locations, so we worked with Avaya Engineering to come up with a design. Achieving the 99.99% uptime was definitely very definitely important to us, and Avaya as a strategic partner definitely aided us in creating a design to achieve that.


>> We had taken look at Equinox. We're actually in the process of having that installed here at Citi Field. We think that'll give us a benefit for ease of dialing through our contacts. Will be able to provide us a mobile capability of taking our desktop on the road with us for key employees here, even some of our ticket agents.

So they might step away from their desk and they can still stay in communication with them. Just making life a little bit easier for us in terms of just being able to communicate quickly.


Avaya is a relationship that is definitely very important, and something we're looking to evolve, as we move into the future as new technologies come out. Avaya has always been quick to adopt, and also quick to implement. We rely on that relationship with Avaya in order for us to move forward.


>> We went from analog Shea to digital Citi Field. We chose Avaya because, first of all, they're, in my opinion they're a world class company. We value relationship with Avaya, we like long term partnerships and we think they can provide that to us.